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Some of the readers of this blog have blogs of their own.  I am grateful when you link to me.  (Feel free to add WDTPRS to your list.)

I always enjoy looking at the different blogs that give me referrals.  Here is a great reference over at Ad Mentem Sancti Thomae Aquinatis

Zelfs de krant Palm Beach Post, niet meteen een katholieke krant, kan zinnige dingen zeggen over de H. Mis. Waar blijven onze katholieke bladen?
Lees hier de tekst met commentaar van Fr. Z.!

Great, huh?

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  1. Many thanks father for linking to my website. May I take this opportunity to ask a question
    regarding the papal vestments or should I ask Don Tucker? I noticed that the Holy Father sometimes wears
    the mozzetta and stola when receiving heads of states, sometimes only the mozzetta and on few occasions
    and sometimes none of both. Is there any rationale behind this practice? Could it be that he does not
    wear the stole when the head of state is not catholic, like for instance when receiving the German
    or Swiss president???

  2. Fr N Griffin says:

    Pro multis means “for many,” Vatican rules

    Vatican, Nov. 18 (CWNews.com) – The Vatican has ruled that the phrase pro multis should be rendered as “for many” in all new English-language translations of the Eucharistic Prayer, CWN has learned.

    Although “for many” is the literal translation of the Latin phrase, the translations currently in use render the phrase as “for all.” All new English-language translations will use “for many” when they appear.

  3. Jordan Potter says:

    Hmm, so Fr. Zuhlsdorf heard that the Pope was about to decide in favor of the accurate translation of PRO MULTIS, and now CWN has heard that the Pope has now made that decision. Good stuff.

  4. Jordan: Yah… this helps to verify what WDTPRS learned some time ago.

  5. Brian Murphy says:

    I will happily continue to link to your awesome blog.

    Thank you for all that you do.

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