Hungry for God and ice cream

It is nice to get together with folk from back home, especially if they are in Rome for the first time.  I had the pleasure of meeting with a group from my home parish of St. Agnes in St. Paul (MN).  This was a pilgrimage group of highschool students who are considering a vocation to the priesthood. 

Before their departure, they had met with the Archbishop, who gave them his blessing.  They came with the pastor of the parish, who organized the whole trip, and some parents as chaperons and group leaders.  In addition to time in Rome the went to Assisi and down to San Giovanni Rotondo to visit the tomb of Padre Pio.  They were able to be very close to the Holy Father during the Wednesday audience as well. 

It was a great group of fellows, to be sure.  The photo below shows them with their pastor and a couple of seminarians from St. Agnes parish who are studying in Rome and living at the North American College.  Yes, seminarians from St. Agnes.  That parish continues to provide several vocations a year.

Sometimes we can get a little down when looking at certain sectors of the Church’s life.  This, however, was very encouraging.

Here is the group ready to invade the ice-cream shop after devouring large quantities of pizza and plates of spaghetti.

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  1. Great to see more potential vocations! And I hear the NAC has been getting much better over the last several years. Deo gratias.

    Now, Father, you need to be more specific: was it ice-cream or gelati? To me there’s a big difference.
    I also love the fact that, like many gelati shops in Italy, you can practically see the entire store in that picture.

  2. Beautiful!

    The young man in the brown jacket (front row) is potentially number 12 in the line of St. Agnes Chamber Choir tenors who have entered seminary. We’re beginning to wonder whether, in order to ensure a reliable tenor section, we should have an “already married” requirement. ;-)

    Then again, I’d rather have the precarious tenonr section if it means that future priests sing with us for six months, fall in love with Renaissance polyphony, and take that love with them to their parishes.

  3. Norman says:

    Deo Gratias!

  4. tim says:

    Father, can you settle a dispute for me? I think the best gelato in Rome is at a Place I think is called Giolitti’s near the Piazza Colonna. Am I correct? If not, where?

  5. Father Ubel is such a great guy and a fabulous priest. The youth of St.
    Agnes and this Archdiocese are blessed to have him. I’ve come to be very
    happy that the Archbishop assigned Fr. Ubel to St. Agnes. I was skeptical
    at first but he has won me over.

  6. tim: I do not thing Giolitti is all that good, frankly. There are far better places for ice cream. However, I am not a huge ice cream eater.

  7. I always liked “The Old Bridge” which is about half way between the front of Saint Peter’s and the Vatican Museum entrance on the Piazza Risurgiomento(? I know I misspelled that) as you go along the wall of the Vatican.
    It doesn’t have the greatest selection, but it has a good price and the flavors are good.

  8. Ben D. says:

    A friend who worked in the Vatican for years told my wife and me that The Old Bridge has the best gelato in Italy, let alone Rome. He doubled as a chaplain and teacher for American college students studying abroad, so he probably ate a scoop or two in his day. A bold claim… but it was good.

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