NPR: American Catholics and “Tridentine” Mass

There is an audio clip of an NPR show (National Public Radio) about the issue of new Mass and old Mass, English and Latin. There are some howler errors in the piece, but it worth listening to. Biretta tip to BC for the link: o{]:¬)

The person who put this together (by ) clearly had not a clue about the fact that Latin is the language of the Church. They claim more than once that Vatican II decreed that Mass had to be celebrated in the vernacular, etc., and confuse the issue of language. They interview the execrable Richard McBrien with predictable results.

I am curious to hear your reactions.

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  1. Paul Haley says:

    It’s typical of NPR’s slant towards liberalism that they would end the piece with criticism by McBrien and a catholic couple who just happened to come to the Traditional Mass and were disappointed at not hearing the novus ordo in English. They also use the word Tridentine to describe the Mass instead of the correct term “Traditional” since it existed long before the Council of Trent. Nevertheless, it gives some publicity to the movement to restore the TLm and in that sense can only be considered good PR. Catholics truly grounded in their Faith will quickly recognize the errors in the clip. Others may be intrigued enough to seek out the TLM and find out for themselves the graces that can flow from it.

  2. By NPR standards, this piece rated high for relative accuracy. I was actually surprised to hear such a fair and sympathetic treatment of the TLM on NPR, showing better understanding and greater tolerance than have many typical Catholics (lay, clerical, or episcopal) of a certain age.

    Even Fr. McBrien sounded less repugnant than usual. Because this was because it was audio only, so we didn’t have to suffer the sight of him in the clerical costume and collar that he drags out of his closet only for fhis all too frequent (and odious) video appearences.

  3. Jordan Potter says:

    It is well worth noting that the pro-Latin-Mass folks were all young and the people who don’t like Latin Mass are old. But Fr. McBrien haughtily dismisses them as romantics pining for a Church that never existed. Well, I say let’s hear it for romance and romanticism!

  4. TJM says:

    I frequently attend the Novus Ordo and the Pius V Mass at St. John Cantius in Chicago. Both are
    done reverently and with a great deal of taste and style. Surprisingly the vast majority of the congregation
    consists of younger people who would have had no memory of the pre-Vatican II liturgy. Somehow truth and beauty
    endure and the young are attracted to it. It’s sad that Father McBrien says the things he does. After all,
    criticizing the Pre-Vatican Church does not make his product any more attractive. As to the collapse in
    Sunday Mass attendence pre and post Vatican II, people like McBrien always have a myriad of excuses as to
    why this is so without seriously examining whether they have cheapened the Rite to such a degree that many
    Catholics no longer find it spiritually appealing. But for my firm belief in the Real Presence I would never
    go to my suburban Church for Mass. I go in spite of the fact that it is banal and uninspiring. Tom

  5. TJM says:

    In my post I meant to say “the collapse in Mass attendence post Vatican II.” Sorry, Tom.

  6. John P says:

    McBrien: “…young romantics who pine for a day they never knew.”

    Sour grapes!!!

    How could these people let go so easily? Is this a case of “familiarity breeds contempt” from these people?

    A sepecial gift from me for Father McBrien:

  7. fr.franklyn mcafee says:

    Poor Vatican II.NPR repeats the popular belief that VII did away with Latin and ordered the Mass said in the vernacular.How mant times have we heard this and brought it to people’s attention only to hear the same people say it again.The same way with calling NFP the “rythym method”.Now in Time magazine in an otherwise good article on the rise in vocations in religious orders of women,the author states that Vatican II decreed that nuns drop the veil of their habits.Maybe the writer confused the Islamic head dress with the religious veil.Also we hear it said that VII taught that one religion is as good as the other,that something is wrong only if you believe it is ,etc. Frustrating!

  8. Siobhan says:

    The piece was much better than expected since it included a few words from the brilliant young architect Matthew Aldermann.

    Prayers for the conversion of Richard McBrien. May God make of such a “Saul” a “Paul” — Road to Damascus prayers engaged…

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