8 December at Dodici Apostoli

Here is shot from the Basilica of the Twelve Apostles in Rome, where there is a famous Novena before the Immacolata.  A bishop is about to celebrate Mass.

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  1. Séamas says:


    I am blessed to assist a Dominican Rite High Mass tomorrow evening–assuming whatever it is I am trying to catch doesn’t disable me.

    Father, your blessing please…

  2. How beautiful that is.

    The lighting reminds me of the lighting in Santa Maria in Aracoeli but the architecture itself looks newer than that one. It’s lovely.

    Thanks for the picture and happy blog birthday!

  3. Fr, John Pecoraro says:

    Fr. John
    Perhaps this Bishop is about to pray an indult Mass? … Sigh

    Happy birthday

  4. Thank you, Father. What a magnificent church!

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