December prediction

I predict I will be in the USA for Christmas (YAY!). Well, that ‘s not really a prediction, is it.  Barring something unforeseen, that’s a lock.

Second, I have an inkling the shoe is going to drop on the Motu Proprio we have all been wondering about. Now that His Holiness’ trip to Turkey is over, and a congruent period of time has lapsed since the French meltdown, it seems to me that we’ll see the Holy See move forward on this in some way. 

With my luck, just because I will be out of Rome for a little trip with a priest friend on 8 December, I predict that that is the day the document will be released.  No doubt I will get am SMS on my cellphone telling me something is up when I am out on the road without internet access.  Just watch.

Okay, folks, we’re having a little fun here.  But, on a more serious note, I do think the "derestriction" is going to happen.

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  1. anon says:

    Please Father, don’t get us all going again… by heart can’t take it!

  2. anon says:

    MY heart, that is…

  3. Paul Haley says:

    By the grace of God and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, may it please happen and soon. For us who have waited these 40 some-odd years for at least a partial restoration of the Faith we once knew and revered, it will truly be a “Merry Christmas” this year. There is absolutely no reason whatsover, that we should not have this gift from the Holy Father. May the bishops also understand that they MUST allow this Mass to be celebrated daily in their churches. They cannot continue to refuse the desire of many catholics.

  4. Jacob says:

    Jesus was the victor over death. I’m sure He will prevail over the pettiness of some French bishops according to God’s good time.

  5. Fr Gregoire Fluet says:

    The Church has everything to gain. Rereading the homily of Patriarch Bartholomew in Turkey, I would say that the de-restriction of the Traditional Rite will help matter with the Orthodox. In fact, it really did sound like he was warning that liturgy was an issue, among many.

  6. Al says:

    I’ll devote some prayer time to this…May it be done..

  7. Among the Orthodox, liturgy is a huge issue. When we changed the mass, we went precisely in the wrong direction.

    For some reason we are always more solicitous toward the pagan who we aren’t going to impress anyway, than the brother with whom we should be working for union. We scoff at protestants and Orthodox but pander to all manner of irreligion & pseudo-religion. It’s a travesty.

  8. Demerzel says:

    All I want for Christmas is a broader indult, a broader indult… :p

  9. Jeff says:

    Many years ago a Greek Orthodox priest was a guest on Mother Angelica Live on EWTN. The Tradtional Liturgy came up during Mother’s interview. The priest expressed the view that when the Roman Catholic Church’s liturgy was the Mass of the ages, the Orthodox Church still had some disagreements with the Latin Rite Church but at least then the Orthodox knew who we were; but now since the new liturgy, they’re not even sure about that. I’ll never forget that interview and I have heard many times since then that the Catholic Church has lost its identity.

    Anyway, I also think the motu proprio is on its way this month.

  10. Tim Ferguson says:

    I’m dreaming of a broad indult,
    and chant restored to pride of place.
    Mass ad orientem,
    Usque venientem
    would be a wondrous Christmas grace.

    I’m dreaming of a broad indult,
    Just like we’ve heard through the grapevine
    May we all be turned towards the divine
    And may Christmas Mass be Tridentine!

    *Christum, understood

  11. One advantage of doing it in December is that it’s a busy time of the year — hence those who may make a fuss will be busier than usual . . .

  12. Jacob S says:

    Father, I really hope you’re right about the Motu Propio. It would definitely be the best Christmas present we have had in a long time. I just hope that I will be able to learn how to say the Tridentine Mass while I am still young and in seminary. I still have a few years before going into theology, so if this is for real, I hope the bishops will eventually force the seminaries to teach both rites, or at least give us a choice.

  13. El Jefe says:

    Keep in mind, an indult allows you to do something, it doesn’t make you do something. I strongly suspect that not much will change on the local level. Not to say that the indult doesn’t matter, but precisely the sort of parish that says Mass badly will continue to despite the indult.

    Maybe someday BXVI will mandate ad orientem posture (at least). That would help a lot.

  14. Yes, El Jefe, but we laypeople have cars. And we’re not afraid to use them! ;)

  15. Dennis says:

    Graces will flow immediately the Tridentine Mass is
    Obvious changes will take time but they will come.
    Father, I think this is more than a guess on your part.
    Please God!

  16. Cathy Dawson says:

    I am going to start a rosary novena today for the intention of the return of the TLM and to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe (whose image was on one of the ships at the battle of Lepanto, BTW). Please join me! Maybe if we storm heaven we will get the Mass back.

  17. I’m not so sure now it’s going to happen. I wish I felt otherwise. I think Catholicism is going to have to go through some tribulations of some sort before it can come around. And I’m sure that if we need them, they will be provided. They are in no short supply in this world.

  18. Dennis says:

    Its going to happen. We’ve had the tribulations. Pray
    the Rosary!

  19. Tribulations, with a capital T, Dennis.

  20. Andrew says:

    No offense Fr but I believe when I see it…

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