23 Jan: Emerentiana, virgin martyr, bosom friend of Agnes

St. Emerentiana has a rather thin entry in the 2005 Roman Martyrology:

2. Romae via Nomentana in coemeterio Maiore, sanctae Emerentianae, martyris.


There is a rather "hagiographical" account of Emerentiana.  According to the story, Emerentiana’s mother was the nanny of St. Agnes, perhaps her wetnurse.  Thus, Emerentiana and Agnes would have probably spent quite a bit of time together, perhaps even being like sisters to each other.  Emerentiana was a catechumen.  A few days after Agnes’ death, listed in the depositio as 21 January, Emerentiana was found praying at Agnes’s grave.  Though not yet baptized she declared herself to be a Christian. They stoned her to death.  She was placed in the same tomb as Agnes, close in death as they were in life.

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