Blessing Houses on Epiphany

I am sure there are lots of people blogging about blessing chalk and then houses on Epiphany, so I don’t need to trouble you with all the details. I also wrote about these things in the WDTPRS articles I posted. However, Sabine houses were in fact blessed today.

Obviously I didn’t take these photos.

And on the way back to my place … walking on water:

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  1. dcs says:

    It’s an unseasonable 70 degrees here in Philadelphia today.

  2. Séamas says:

    Is there anything to do with the leftover chalk, besides burn or bury it?

    I still have last year’s.

  3. Jeffrey Stuart says:

    Is Father walking on water in the second picture? :)

  4. Fr Peter says:

    Ice? What is ice?

  5. mike says:


    Can only a priest bless a house in this manner for Epiphany?


  6. dcs says:

    Can only a priest bless a house in this manner for Epiphany?

    We were encouraged by our parish priest to take the blessed chalk home and use it.

    I’ve always written the Epiphany blessing on the outside of my house, though, over the front door.

    This year I let my kids write it on the doors of their rooms.

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