Blow winds and crack your cheeks!

The wind is absolutely HOWLING against my corner room high above the City.

Notata in: Rome, IY
Elevatio: 331 ft / 101 m
48 °F / 9 °C
Procellae Tonitruales Pluviaque Leves
Umor: 66%
Frigus in quo Ros apparet: 37 °F / 3 °C
Ventus: 20 mph / 32 km/h / 8.7 m/s from the Inter Austrum et Zephyrum
Venti Impetus: 32 mph / 52 km/h / 14.4 m/s
Pressio: 29.50 in / 999 hPa
Frigus Venti: 41 °F / 5 °C
Visibilitas: 6.2 milia passuum / 10.0 chiliometri
UV: 2 de 16
Nubes: Nubes Dispersae 1500 ft / 457 m
Nubes Dispersae 1600 ft / 487 m


Die Mercurii
Pluvia. Partialiter Nubila. Maximum: 51° F. / 11° C. Ventus Magis Zephyrus quam Auster 38 mph. / 61 km/h. Chance of precipitation 60%.

Nocte Diei Mercurii
Fors Pluviae. Aequaliter Nubila. Minimum: 39° F. / 4° C. Ventus Magis Zephyrus quam Auster 33 mph. / 54 km/h. Chance of precipitation 50%.

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  1. JPSonnen says:

    nice post, thanks. nice to see this in latin! yes, the winds is really howling today!

  2. Raphaela says:

    Just looking at those figures makes my teeth chatter… and it’s even colder in my part of the world today. Who ordered a wind chill factor of -11C??

  3. RBrown says:

    You get no sympathy from me. A few days ago when I got up at 6:30, it was -2 F.

  4. Father; Just like being at home! Off topic: Fr. Welzbacher honored you mightily in his bulletin column on Sunday:

  5. Cathy: Thanks for that!

  6. dcs says:

    41 degrees! Sounds beautiful.

    I wonder why they could not translate “chance of precipitation” into Latin? “Probabilitas imbris”?

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