Captions needed

"Hmmmm, how do I take my hat back without causing a scene…."

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  1. Jeff says:

    Now look here, I’m the pope! Which one of you let that baby in here wearing a camauro?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Free at last, Free at last, thank God our TLM is free at last.

  3. Johannes Derarzt says:

    Hmmm, I wonder if a pacifier would work as well on the dissidents and French Bishops??

  4. Ken says:

    This Mitre again? What do I have.. like only 2 of them..Jessh!
    I mean I’m the Pope and all. Marini!!

  5. Geoffrey says:

    Hmmm… Benedict XVII?

  6. Argent says:

    Hey, who shrank my camauro?

  7. Séamas says:

    “Somebody needs their diaper changed…”

  8. Kenjiro Shoda says:

    At least He’s not wearing JP II’s old clothes this time. He can’t be that strapped for cash !

  9. Upstaged by an infant at Christmas yet again!

  10. Norman says:

    “Now, where’s my present?”

  11. “I shall call him….. ‘Mini Me'”

  12. William K says:

    “That baby had better be watchin’ who he’s callin’ papa.”

  13. Hammerbrecher says:

    St. Pius X style: He will be the next pope!

  14. dcs says:

    “Where did the MC hide my tiara this time?”

  15. “Memo to Marini: only the pope gets to wear cool hats at papal events. Swiss guards are to confiscate all cool hats.”

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