Latin lesson

I picked up form Orthometer this YouTube of one of the funniest things WDTPRS has ever seen on the silver screen.

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  1. Fr Peter says:

    That reminds me of seminary.

  2. Brian Jilka says:

    Reminds me that I need to work on my Latin a little more…

  3. Paul Murnane says:

    “But Father, but Father:” the translation they use is soooo literal and much too harsh for my “ordinary Catholic” sensibilities. I plugged it into my “ICEL translator – tie-dye edition” and it came out, “can’t we all just get along.” ;) Sounds so much nicer, yet with no loss of meaning. ;)

  4. RBrown says:

    It reminds me that Foster once said: The Romans didn’t always use the right form–they had stupid people too.

  5. I think if you plugged it into an I.C.E.L. translator you’d get:

    “Ropersons come out of homes.”

    Ropersons: because you can say Ro”MAN”
    come out: because I.C.E.L. constantly translates went as come out (check the Passion narratives on Palm Sunday and Good Friday and see how many times Jesus “came out” instead of “went out”)

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