Vatican Radio German Program: “Tridentine” indult coming

Biretta tip to Catholic Church Conservation for the heads up on a comment made by the director of the German section of Vatican Radio, Fr. Eberhard von Gemmingen SJ. (Emphasis mine)

In all probability Pope Benedict will give the permission to celebrate again the traditional or Tridentine Rite. It would however be completely wrong if Catholics started to quarrel over this, some of them full of joy about this reversal, the others full of anger. It is to be noted that the Pope will not on any account reintroduce the old liturgy or even make it compulsory. He is only of the opinion that the prohibition of the classical Rite after the Council is in contradiction to Church tradition, because according to his conviction, Rites can be further developed but cannot be abrogated.

Notwithstanding the above, Rome is pretty quiet about any forthcoming Motu Proprio. My usual suspects are hearing nothing. This brings me to conclude that the Pope has the document now. He will make the decision when it seems opportune.

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