What will the Motu Proprio be called?

Papal documents are usually known be the first few words of their text in their original language, usually Latin, like "Ecclesia Dei adflicta" (with exceptions like the German Mit brennender Sorge of Pius XI).

This is a serious subject, I know, but we need a sense of humor lest we go nuts.

So, what will the Latin title of the new Motu Proprio be for the derestriction of Mass with the older Missal?

Try to use Latin (or what you think might be Latin! o{];¬) or else a first few evocative words in your mother tongue.

I’ll start things off. How about…. let’s see….

Lacrimosos abhinc annos

or maybe:

Nos de cunctatione excusamus

or else on a happier track:

Magno cvm gaudio

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  1. RC says:

    Hostiam puram?

  2. Rob says:

    Causa Nostrae Laetitiae

  3. tim says:

    missa saeculorum

  4. “Benedic hereditati Tui”;
    “Sicut locutus est [ad patres nostros]”;
    “Quaemodmodum speravimus in Te”; or
    “consolamini populus Meus”.

  5. Felipe says:

    “Adoratio Dei Celebranda”

    please correct the declinations dear father…

    Im burning in the waiting….

  6. B. says:

    spiritum concilii fugat

  7. Liam the Oager says:

    Ex corde me


    Aequum est

  8. Sidney says:

    “Ecclesia Triumphalis” or “Missæ Triumphalis”

  9. Guido03 says:

    da massa we missa

    My Latin is very poor but I believe I make up for it in creativity.

  10. E. Dante says:

    Post longissimum tempum

  11. Anonymous says:

    In memoria Michaelis Davies


  12. Ecce jam noctis tenuatur umbra, lux et aurorae rutilans coruscat

    I.e, the beginning of the summer hymn for traditional lauds:

    Behold night’s darkness is lifting and dawn’s blushing light is gleaming in the sky

    Or, from the Anglican Breviary:

    Lo when dim shadows of the night are waning, lightsome and blushing, dawn of day returneth

  13. Michael says:

    Ad Altare Dei

  14. Tim Ferguson says:

    Auscultate mihi Episcopi, vobis dico!

    Vetera nova sit (or, Vetus sit novus novus)

    Verum gaudium et spes vera

  15. Robert says:

    It would be most appropriate if the title were to turn out to be nothing significant at all, and the composition of the first lines of the motu proprio proceeded without regard to the need for a snappy title. Snappy titles are relatively recent innovations, sometimes resulting in awkward sentence construction in the first line of the Latin text.

  16. Jordan Potter says:

    How about, “Libera nos a ICEL”?

  17. Brian says:

    I don’t know what it will be officially called.

    But I’m calling it the “Universal Indult Motu Proprio GloatFest 2007.”

    Is schadenfreude a mortal or a venial sin?

  18. Mark in Spokane says:

    I don’t know enough Latin to translate the title I’m thinking of. I had a professor who once told me that whenever the Church changes direction in regard to a policy, that change in direction is almost always framed in terms of the Church’s past practice in order to stress continuity. Whether this is true or not, I’ll leave to the more theologically educated. However, in the spirit of that thought, I would propose that the title of the document be something along the lines of: “As the Church has always taught,” or “The eternal liturgy of the Latin rite,” or some such thing.

  19. fr.franklyn mcafee says:

    Snappy titles are not a recent phenomenon,for instance Exsurge Domine of LeoX and Unam Sanctam of Boniface VIII. I would nominate for the title of this motu proprio,Quo Usque Tandem Abutere,Anibale,Patientia Nostra!

  20. Dan Hunter says:

    Non speakus non guitarus ecclesia

  21. This is a great challenge, Fr John.
    Unfortunately, some really good ones are already taken:

    Lacrimabili Statu
    Meminisse Iuvat
    Quod Iam Diu
    Auspicato Concessum
    Iucunda Semper Expectatione
    Tametsi Futura Prospicientibus

    and the exception that would be so suitable,
    Une Fois Encore

    A few possibilities:

    Converte Nos Deus
    Rituum Gravitate
    Optata Iamdudum
    Ad Cor Nostrum
    Ascia Deiecerunt
    Dirigatur Oratio
    Deprecabilis Esto

    or, to borrow from another exception,
    Abbiamo Bisogno

  22. Joshua says:

    “Auscultate mihi Episcopi, vobis dico!”-Tim Ferguson

    That probably should be “Auscultate nobis Episcopi, vobic dicamus”. Deus caritas est and even the Encyclicals of John Paul II retain the royal “we” in Latin, though at least with John Paul I have been told that he originally wrote it in Polish with the singular I.

    Building off Deus caritas est, how about:

    Veter Ordo caritate liberandus est

  23. Fr. Finigan: Optata Iamdudum

    Ooooo, I like that one. I can just hear how it would continue, too.

  24. Joshua says:

    . However, in the spirit of that thought, I would propose that the title of the document be something along the lines of: “As the Church has always taught,” or “The eternal liturgy of the Latin rite,” or some such thing.
    Comment by Mark in Spokane

    The first could be rendered various ways. “Prout Ecclesia docebat” would be “Exactly as the Church taught”. Ita, sicut, sic and ut could all be used as “as”. It would use docebat, the imperfect, instead of the present perfect docuit because the action is one that has not ended.

    The second, if in the nominative “Aeterna liturgia ritus Latini” and in the accusative “Aeternam liturgiam ritus Latini”

  25. Philip says:

    How about: Succisa virescit…

    A Benedictine principle we know the Holy Father appreciates.

  26. You latinists will have to translate for me:

    “I wasn’t kidding!”

  27. rosarium says:

    I suppose, the Motu proprio’s name should be very logical, cf. “Dominus Iesus”…

    Why not:

    – Post Sacrosanctum Concilium, or
    – Celebratio Eucharistica, or
    – Ritus Romanus …

    BTW – There is now a parish (!) in Estonia where Mass is said almost exclusively using the classical rite, by an ex-SSPX priest (I hope this information is correct).

  28. Sean says:

    mysterium et liturgiam

  29. mike says:

    I was rorating all over this a year ago – and nothing happened. Still nothing has happened. Like pro multis its really correcting the wierdness not advancing anything. B is an old man. At this rate not much is ever gonna happen. Maybe we’re drinking the same coolaid that the dubyuh folks were drinking


  30. mike:

    Congratulations!  You are today\’s winner of the prestigious

    Sour Grapes Award!!

  31. mike says:

    Big wet towel that’s me. My 6:30 am super-convenient daily mass just got cancelled and I had the bad 24 hr thing yesterday and….

    Viva il Papa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  32. Bede says:

    Perhaps simply Introibo ad altare Dei ?

  33. mike: “My 6:30 am super-convenient daily mass just got cancelled and I had the bad 24 hr thing yesterday and….”

    Sorry to hear that. Mass schedule changes can be hard on daily Mass goers. I know a whole bunch of people who are pretty irritated at one place right now because Masses were cancelled. Pray for more vocations and…

    Vivi il Papa!


  34. Felipe says:

    What about a polemic

    “UNA VOCE Ora”

    this would be some kind of reward, dont you think?

  35. father wb says:

    Mendicavi indulgentiam fidelium…

    Ex multis annis tenebrae…

  36. Beth v. says:

    or simply “Gloria in excelsis Deo”

  37. Vernon says:

    Surely the title should be “Mass of Ages” – but in Latin of course!

  38. Maureen says:

    In Vultus Tuus

  39. Maureen says:

    In Vultus Tuus

    Verbum Sat Sapienti

    Missa Sana in Corpore Sano

  40. Maureen says:

    In Vultum Tuum

    Verbum Sat Sapienti

    Missa Sana in Corpore Sano

  41. RC says:

    Extra Omnes Ludatores Citharae

    Lamentabile Imprudentia

    My favorite title was supposedly proposed but never used for one of the anti-Modernist documents in the late 1800s: “Maria, Exterminatrix of Heresies”.

  42. animadversor says:

    Deprecationibus Christifidelium exauditis

  43. animadversor says:

    Clamores animadvertimus plangentium

  44. animadversor says:

    Deus non inridetur

  45. I would think that folks would remember that the titles for Papal encyclicals are also the first several words of the encyclical in question.

    Therefore, I believe that the most suitable title for His Holiness’ encyclical permitting the use of the Gregorian liturgy would be this:

    Postquam multi errores

  46. Ioannes says:

    Ab homine iniquo, et doloso erue me.

  47. Mac McLernon says:

    How about “Malleus Liberalicarum” or whatever Hammer of the Liberals is in Latin!!

  48. Paul Haley says:

    I can think of no better beginning than “Introibo ad altare Dei” as the introduction to a document which returns for many of us the joy of returning to the altar of God, to God, the joy of our youth. For so mnay of us those words are cherished and filled with meaning so different from the “people’s assembly” and sets up the whole of what follows as truly pleasing to Almighty God.

  49. Fr Bede Rowe says:

    “Clamate voce maiore”

    Or how about “Hell, having frozen over…”

    Fr Bede Rowe

  50. La Masse Latine A Libéré

  51. Jack Cash says:

    ‘Lex Orandi’ (though I have to admit it is more likely to be ‘Ritus Romanus’, a la rosario)

  52. Peppy says:

    Deo Gratias.

  53. Fr Bede Rowe says:

    Comme nous avons dit au téléphone…

  54. Fr Redman says:

    Catapultam habeo. Nisi auscultabis mihi, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam.

  55. MacBeth says:

    Non nobis…

  56. David says:

    “Da massa we missa” does it for me!

  57. Woody Jones says:

    La messe de toujours …

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