There was a server problem tonight

There was a problem with the server tonight, which cause the WordPress error page. Sorry about that. I made a call and got it fixed, when I discovered it. At first, I thought it might have had something to do with the new word verification plug in. It seems to have been unrelated, however.

In any event, I made a complaint, it got fixed.

Say to prayer to the guardian angel who has charge of my internet portfolio to keep things running smoothly.

Thanks for the patience!


UPDATE:  I got up early this morning to find that the blog was down again.   Pretty hard to visit, right?

In any event, I have been working with the geeks at my server…. "service".  Dunno what this is all about, but I am getting the idea that they are going to have to upgrade me.


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  1. Bailey Walker says:

    Oh Father…. I think there may still be a problem. When I clicked the back button after viewing comments I received the WordPress error message rather than being returning to your page. Good luck with the fix.

  2. I am wondering if I am not getting a DOS attack or something. Hmmm….

  3. RC says:

    Nah, breakdowns at web-hosting providers happen all the time. People make mistakes in setting up or upgrading software, equipment breaks, etc.

  4. Florestan says:

    Justlike the Holy Father (to certain French Bishops): ‘I made a call and got it fixed’. :)

  5. Paul in Bedfordshire (UK) says:

    Are any of the French Bishops familiar with the dark arts of computer hacking :-)

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