ASK FATHER Question Box closed

I have closed the ASK FATHER Question Box (another of my internet projects) until further notice.

The AFQB is in serious need of maintence, work which is beyond me right now both in regard to time and know how.

This is a rather sad development, alas.  The Question Box has been functioning for many years, ever since the old days of Compuserve’s Catholic Online Forum. 

If I could get some trustworthy expert help to do some work, I might be able to reopen it.

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Augustine says:

    Father, what kind of help would be needed?

  2. Alas! It certainly has been a help to many of us, so I hope someone can step up to the task. St. Isidore, pray for us!

  3. MaryAnne says:

    Hello Father. Maybe I could be of some help to try and maintain the AFQB? Though I do not have formal training, I have plenty of experience moderating forums and running/designing websites. If you could afford me the chance, I would love to help!

    Kind regards,

  4. catholiclady says:

    Have you asked Fred Meyers?

  5. There are three sorts of help needed.

    First, and most urgently, technical help. I need someone who understand the software that powers the AFQB.

    Second, more priests to help answer questions. Fr. Auman, who is quite advanced in age, is ailing and… well… we will need more help soon. (Since this is a blatantly clerical site, if you are not a priest there is no need to offer to help answer questions in the ASK FATHER Question Box. Thanks anyway for your good intentions.)

    Third, and less urgent, someone who would be willing to attempt the tedious task of gathering some links to Q&A’s for FAQ categories.

  6. mar says:

    Father, first I would like to thank you for having run the AFQB. I was lucky enough to have my late January question answered by you shortly before lamentable closing.

    As for the help, even though I definitely consider myself quite computer literate, I have gaps in web publishing technologies (I am in life sciences rather), so I could serve only as a second line support (some light programming, maybe?), or could do something about those FAQ links?


  7. Father: Suggestion? Put on your main page what software AFQB uses and your need for priestly help as well as indexing assistance.

    I’ll link to you but people may not look at your comments.

    I know lots of librarians (I am one) and techies and some good local priests (your hometown)who read my blog.

    I hate to see AFQB die.

  8. catholiclady says:

    Fr. Z

    “First, and most urgently, technical help. I need someone who understand the software that powers the AFQB.”

    That is why I suggested Fred – he is certainly capable in this arena and is already on your staff on COL Forum.

    How about Fr. Sotelo?

  9. Raphaela says:

    Father, this is sad news. The Question Box was a wonderful resource and will be a sad loss if it remains offline. Like Marcin, I submitted a question which you were kind enough to answer shortly before the Box closed, and I’d like to thank you for doing so, and for having run the service in the first place.

    I wish I had the tech skills to be able to offer some of the help you need. As it is, I’ll pray you find someone else to provide it.

  10. MaryAnne says:

    Father Z,

    What software does AFQB run on? Are you needing to restructure/redesign or is there a specific problem with the software itself?

    Secondly, unless already resolved, I could definitely help with the tedious link task. I enjoy this work, believe it or not! =]


  11. MaryAnne: If I ever reopen the QB, you can then help put together some of those collections of links for FAQs. In the meantime, a serious problem remains that prevents me from making it public.

  12. MaryAnne says:

    Father Z: Just let me know when and I’ll help!


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