Fireworks in Roman vaults if not the vaults of heaven

I guess the fireworks Zadok mentioned were the only pyrotechnic observance of the Lateran Pacts… other than the very fine lunch we had today (being a house run by the Holy See).

In the meantime, here is a nice photo of the mosaics in S. Maria in Domnica which I visited tonight with a very good friend.


And then a detail from the mosaic.

Fireworks in the vault of a Roman church if not in the Roman heavens.

However, here is one from last year:



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  1. michigancatholic says:

    Very beautiful. The churches I like best are the really old ones wiht the mosaics like this one. The more modern ones, built around the Council of Trent, were often built as reactions to the Reformation and they strike me as more than a little “over the top.”

    I especially like the churches with some marvelous history–ie. built over the site of a martyr’s house, home to a saint and so on. Wonderful places.

    Have you ever had the opportunity to see St. Dominic’s room at Santa Sabina’s? I don’t know how authentic it is, but there’s also a room that’s supposed to have been slept in by St. Francis when he was in Rome……

  2. RBrown says:

    I saw the caves where St Francis slept up the mountain from Assisi and in Alverna–not exactly Trump-style sleeping accomodations.

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