The 20 Tips – feedback

The 20 Tips are getting around.  Again.

I got this via e-mail:

Good morning (here) Fr Z!

I think my pastor reads your blog!  Somebody at the office does anyway.  They do a "big mailing" every lent and advent and it has a letter from the pastor, a prayer book and some general info.  Printed on the last page of this one was your 20 tips for making a good confession!  [LAST page?  All my life… last name starts with Z… always on the last page.  Well, we just see about that.  Someday… someday… HA!]

When I read the title I thought, "How funny, Father Z has something just like this!"  Then I read on and thought, "Hey!  I’ve read this before!"  Sure enough, down at the bottom is your name and website.  That’s why I think it’s my pastor who reads it, because the letter says your website is "excellent" and I don’t think he’d endorse it if he didn’t read it.

The internet makes the world a really small world, doesn’t it?  [Sure does.]

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Séamas says:

    [Sappy mode ON]

    Well, you’re always first in our book, Father.

    [Sappy mode OFF]

  2. Peter says:

    Do we have to mention “and the last shall be first”? No, I didn’t think so… I’d be ecstatic to see such a list in my parish bulletin (they’re not bad but nowhere near this good either).

  3. Peter: You can always make sure your parish priest gets a copy. Maybe he will print it.

  4. Peter says:

    Fr. Z: I would, but unfortunately our Pastor has had to retire due to age and health reasons and we’re unlikely to see a new Pastor appointed until some time right around Easter. We currently have a retired priest in “partial” residence but that’s about it.

    Our entire sacramental life is kind of ad hoc right now – I don’t blame anyone involved as they’re all doing what they can with very limited resources, but it has been hard on all of us. It has given a rather interesting perspective on Lenten sacrifice, and perhaps, we hope, created a greater hunger for a more full sacramental life when our new pastor is appointed. I hope he likes Latin! And maybe, just maybe, good music…

  5. Well, Fr. Z, that’s why I have my link list in *reverse* alphabetical order. As a fellow end-of-the-alphabeter in real life, I commiserate. ;)

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