Gregorian Schola Cantorum Registry

Everyone, check this out.  It is an interactive Schola Cantorum registry.  Very cool.

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  1. John Polhamus says:

    This is indeed very excellent. Thanks for posting it Father. I have already notified the schola’s secretary to the effect that we definately want to be seen there. I’ll take the opportunity to advertise ourselves here too, and if you or anyone else haven’t seen our site, or heard of what we’re doing, I’d be pleased if you had a look. We have a tridentine Requiem coming up across the border in the (newly elevated) Archdiocese of Tijuana, Mexico. This will be sung in the Fransiscan church in that city, which has truly glorious acoustics, about 5 1/2 seconds of clear reverberation. The sound of eternity. And we’re singing Sunday Vespers in two weeks for the 4th Sunday of Lent, as well as our 7th annual Tenebrae on Wednesday evening of Holy Week. Thank you!

  2. jeffrey says:

    So why is the “heartland” relatively empty of scholas? Is it only the St. Louis Jesuits in that part of the country?

  3. Fr. John Pecoraro says:


    One explanation is because of the relatively few Catholics (at least in the mid south many of whom are converts from Protestant traditions that are not known for their liturgical music. Plus many of the parishes here are small and don’t have the manpower for a Schola

  4. PMcGrath says:

    One of the scholas listed on the map is that of O.L. of Fatima Parish, Lafayette, La. You can see from the parish Web site that their music ministry is based on the schola. There’s even a complete schedule of what they’ll be singing, up to June.

    The pastor of that parish has just been appointed Bishop of Lake Charles, La.

    Could this — his devotion to the Church’s sacred music tradition — have been a factor in his appointment? Let’s hope so!

  5. David says:

    Is it only for scholas in the US? We have a 6-month old schola – Schola Glasguensis – in Glasgow which was initiated by our Archbishop who made reference to Sacrosanctum Concilium. On the whole we have had a very good reaction from the parishoners.

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