Remember the “griccia” thing?

The other day I was giving a little tour to a group of Americans beginning with the magnificent Saint Maria Maggiore.   You saw my photo of the mosaics a couple days back.

In the confession before the altar, where the relics of the manger of the Lord are preserved, there is a marble statue of Bl. Pius XI.  He is in a cotta griccia.  We had a discussion about what griccia is.  Here is a great photo in marble.

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  1. Seumas says:

    Nice pic, Father. I finally understand how the pleating works.

    Btw, this is Séamas, now being forced to use the Anglicized spelling “Seumas” instead of the proper Irish spelling, because when I came to the blog today, I found myself logged out, my old user name and password wouldn’t work, and when I registered, it wouldn’t allow me to use “Séamas” as a user name.

    Yeah, ok, I’ll offer it up. :-)

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