Back in Roma. Where are you?

I am back in Rome.  Where are you?

Here is a snapshot of locations of people using the blog a couple minutes ago.

Maybe you can see your location!

Virginia Beach, Virginia
Petaluma, California
Farmington, Michigan
College Park, Maryland
London, Lambeth
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
New Orleans, Louisiana
Syosset, New York
Washington, District of…
Athens, Georgia
Denton, Texas
Los Alamos, California
Staten Island, New York
West Orange, New Jersey
Portland, Maine
Campinas, Sao Paulo
Yarker, Ontario
Emmitsburg, Maryland
Waterloo, Ontario
Atlanta, Georgia
Milledgeville, Georgia
Toronto, Ontario
Saint Peter, Minnesota
Poughkeepsie, New York
Birmingham, Alabama
Kennett Square, Pennsyl…
Etobicoke, Ontario
Chicago, Illinois
Great Falls, Montana
Secor, Illinois
North Vancouver, Britis…
Arlington, Virginia
Scottsdale, Arizona
Chesapeake, Virginia
Milton, Massachusetts
Atlanta, Georgia
Clifton, Colorado
Rome, Lazio
Unknown Country
Charlottesville, Virginia
Milano, Lombardia
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Elizabeth, New Jersey
Saint Louis, Missouri
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Houston, Texas
San Francisco, California
Norman, Oklahoma
South Weymouth, Massach…
Neuchtel, Neuchatel
Zagreb, Grad Zagreb
Broomfield, Colorado
Hong Kong
Marlia, Sao Paulo
Newcastle Upon Tyne, Ne…
Concord, New Hampshire
Denver, Colorado
Sarajevo, Federation of…
Southfield, Michigan
Itasca, Illinois
Auburn Hills, Michigan
Louisville, Tennessee
Kalamazoo, Michigan

About Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. arieh0310 says:

    I have never seen Steubenville, OH on the list. Am I the only Fr. Z fan from Steubenville??

  2. flabellum says:

    Anything to be gleaned from the appointment of new auxiliaries to Melbourne today?

  3. Brian Day says:

    Father, Welcome back to Roma.

  4. Joe says:

    Bishop-elect Elliott should be good from a liturgical point of view – though ‘reform of reform’ rather than TLM, I guess.

  5. afanco says:

    Michigan always seems to be well-represented in the “whe’ you at?”

    Pray for the Repose of Bp. Schoenherr, a retired auxiliary of Detroit who passed into eternal life on Friday. He was 87.

    Pray also for the ill Bp. Carl Mengeling of Lansing

    Bishop Mengeling Health Update
    Bishop Mengeling has been diagnosed with cancer of the bladder. Surgery to remove his bladder is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, May 1. Bishop is alert and responding to treatment. His physicians have said he will need six to eight weeks recuperation and recovery time.
    Please continue to remember Bishop Mengeling in prayers for a successful recovery.

    Lansing is a relatively small diocese, 230k, and has 2 ‘indult’ parishes. Detroit however, sadly only has 1. We’ll see what happens later this week though.

  6. Karen Russell says:

    My location is not on the list today, but it has appeared a couple of times in the past, so I don’t feel overlooked.

    Welcome back to Roma, Fr. Z!

  7. Henry Edwards says:

    I have never seen Steubenville, OH on the list. Am I the only Fr. Z fan from Steubenville??

    I recently read something about charismatics being prominent in Steubenville, and it occurs to me that Father Z seems rather unlike most of the charismatics I saw at the last “healing Mass” I attended.

  8. Sean says:

    London, Lambeth turns up yet again! Perhaps the Archdruid of Canterbury is tuning in after all.

  9. arieh0310 says:


    My comment was a bit tongue-in-cheek. Being a traditional Catholic in Steubenville is a little bit uncomfortable. In order to attend a mass that even approaches anything traditional I have to go to a Byzantine Divine Liturgy in West Virginia (just across the river) or drive 80 miles round trip to the nearest Traditional Latin Mass.

  10. Jude says:

    I am also in Steubenville and i agree totally with you, arieh031. Between a bishop who is unfriendly to the traditional mass to being surrounded by charismatics it is extremely hard being a traditional catholic in steubenville.

  11. Zach says:

    I want to know what country “unknown country” is. You’ve got fans in places you’ve never heard of Fr. Z!

  12. I have never seen Steubenville, OH on the list. Am I the only Fr. Z fan from Steubenville??

    Kansas City, USA, doesn’t ever show up on the list either but I can guarantee we’re reading Father Z’s postings in this part of the world!

  13. Joe says:

    Where is my Motu? I was hoping for a generous helping of pure Tridentine goodness on the feast of Pius V.

  14. Cerimoniere says:

    Well, we shall see whether you get your wish on Saturday.

  15. Stephen M. Collins says:

    Oops. I had to work all day, and didn’t have access to a computer. So I missed this survey. Maybe next time. I visit at least once a day.
    I hope you had a good trip Fr.

  16. Legisperitus says:

    Yes, it has seemed that the better-founded rumor (if one can measure such things) was always the May 5 one, since an actual alleged source was named for it.

  17. Diane says:

    See that Fr. Z – His Holiness must have been reading your blog and knowing that you were away, did not release the motu proprio just yet. Now that you are back…..

  18. milanta says:

    I’m from Lima, Peru! :)

  19. Well, the MP didnt come out, but at least you are back in Rome in case it does come ;)

  20. Paul Mac says:

    The two new bishops in Melbourne, Australia, look good. No doubt about Monsignor Elliott and Fr Costelloe’s background augurs well. The number of sound bishops in Australia is gradually increasing.

  21. Seminarian says:

    Ever notice how many of the cities are those of major seminaries? This is actually the first time I have not seen Columbus on there, but I see a few others.

  22. afanco says:

    I hear it’s blocked in French seminaries, something about objectionable content.

    (That is a false statement intended to creat humor.)

  23. afanco says:

    It stinks when you see a typo as the comment is submitting.

    Of course I meant “create.”

  24. Stephen says:

    Michigan here again. The small city of Marshall. God bless.

  25. Fr Charles Johnson says:

    I just wanted to speak up for your readership (small but select) with the Coalition Forces in western Iraq. Keep up the good work, Father!

  26. William Casey says:

    I seem to be the only person from Bonnie Scotland to contact you. I am most grateful for what you do and particularly so because my attempts at improving my Latin are improving partly because of you, Father.

    At the moment, I am perhaps one third of the way through the Latin edition of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (Latin on the one page, Italian on the other). In the near future I intend to drink at least two bottles of decent Champagne – the first when the Motu Proprio is published and the other when I finish the Catechism and begin to read the Confessions of St Augustine, which I bought at a discount in Edinburgh some time ago (Latin on one page, English on the other).

    Virgil, I am afraid, will have to wait until I regain the Latin skills I had when I was but seventeen (in 1959).

    Yours in Domino,

    Bill Casey.

  27. William Casey: I hope you will have to crack open that first bottle soon!

  28. Fr. Johnson: Thanks for what YOU do! I know you chaplains are thin on the ground. Maybe one day I will come and help!

  29. totustuusmaria says:

    I’m writing from Ann Arbor right now, but I am a Student at Franciscan University. I have to say I don’t think it’s hard *at all* to be a Traditionalist in Steubenville *except* for the fact that there is no local TLM. I have never met someone at FUS who wasn’t receptive to the idea of the Tridentine Mass. Then again, I haven’t talked to the administration much, but the Students are very open.

  30. totus: I have never met someone at FUS who wasn’t receptive to the idea of the Tridentine Mass.

    So.. that begs the question.

    Why isn’t there a TML there?

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