Easter Sun-set

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  1. RBrown says:


    I just want to point out that the feast of Pius V is approaching, and it would seem to be an appropriate time to promulgate the MP.

  2. Paul, South Midlands says:

    Did anyone notice that Benedict used the Third Eucharistic prayer in the Easter Vigil.

    The Easter Vigil was also all in Latin apart from readings. Watching it on EWTN it was also noticable that no unneccesary embellishments were present, and it was noticable for its simplicity something reflected in the choice of plainchant music throughout. In fact the whole thing was just about exactly what the council fathers were calling for in the liturgy. Although it was Novus Ordo it was quite easy to forget this and imagine it to be Tridentine. (which is exactly as it should be, the Vatican 2 reforms should be a development of an organic liturgy not a year zero)

    It seems to be that Benedict is determined to see to it that the Second Vatican Council is indeed implemented at last. The MP will imho enable the new liturgy to be infused with tradition over time and become what it ought to have been along – a revision of the Roman Rite, not a new rite.

    Imagine the Tridentine rite with the expanded readings (with readings ONLY said in vernacular), additional eucharistic prayers and responses, main prayers said by all. Surely that was what the council wanted. Benedicts Easter Mass was not far off this. In fact all it would be the reinsertment of those quotes from the psalms that went, the old offertory being an option in the same way that the new eucharistic prayers are an option, and the beginning of St Johns Gospel. These could very easily be slotted into the New Rite by a papal edict once the new translations have bedded in.

    Will we one day have the Rite of Pope St Bendedict XV1?

  3. danphunter1 says:

    Paul,When is the Holy Father going to gift the Church with his official stamp of approval on the Classical Rite.The bishop of Raleigh,North Carolina is waiting with baited breath for its issuance.
    Whereupon his Excellency,I hope,will mandate a massive campaign of educating priests in the Mass,and establishing them in a myriad of parish’s in an unbelievably ignorant and liberal state of the union.
    I absolutely love to read and hear the priest read the Epistle and Gospel,in Latin.I am trying to educate myself in this sober and magnificent language,and hearing the sacred language read from altar is both uplifting and educating not to mention,so proper.
    Bring on the Motu Proprio Holy Father and God bless you.

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