Motu Proprio alert and travel news

I decided to fly to the USA for the funeral of Msgr. Richard Schuler, of St. Paul (MN -USA).

The cosmic laws governing phenomena like rain when you leave your umbrella at home or when you wash your car will also probably be activated as soon as I leave Rome.

Since I am leaving Rome on Monday 23 April and returning on Monday 30 April, I would not be in the least surprised were the expected M.P. to be issued anytime between Monday 23 April and Monday 30 April.

I hope I am wrong.  But I also hope I am right! 

Having the MP soon is far more important than my being at the press conference for its release. 

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  1. Norman Lee says:

    Father, may you have a safe trip! All travellers are remembered in the Liturgy of St John Chrysostom:

    PRIEST: For those who travel by sea, air, and land, for the sick, the suffering, the captive, and for their safety and salvation, let us pray to the Lord.

    PEOPLE: Lord, have mercy.

  2. Safe travels, Father. We’ll see you at the Requiem.

  3. Henry Edwards says:

    In the NOT TO WORRY category, Father Z: The supply of Dom Perignon 1996 that I bought for the big day came with a page of reviews telling what a great year 1996 was. One of them assured that this champaigne should remain just as good at least until 2010. So … Be not afraid!

  4. Brian Day says:

    Father, have a safe trip.

  5. Father,

    did you not say the same thing a while back – when you were in the U.S. for Christmas, I think?

    You were not right then… you might not be right this time, either. The Commission on Limbo was able to come up with something sooner, which deals with something a little more complicated (a matter greatly possible one day to become dogma – regardless of what this Commission says) and it was not at all edifying.

    Have a safe trip and no worries – the MP will most likely not be publish during your absence.

  6. PMcGrath says:

    Supposedly, May 5th is supposed to be MP Day (feast of St. Pius V according to the older calendar). The one who told me this attributed this to “The Remnant,” however, a quick look at their front page shows no sign of this. All the same, that date has, as I recall, come up in discussions, because of the Pius V link.

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