Prayer request: Msgr. Richard Schuler

I kindly ask that you now say a prayer for Msgr. Richard Schuler, pastor emeritus of St. Agnes in St. Paul, MN (USA).

The weight of years and long illness are weighing extremely heavily on him right now.  This is a very appropriate time to pray for him.

Msgr. Schuler over his many decades of service to the Church made profound contributions, especially in the sphere of vocations to the priesthood and in defense and promotion of good liturgical music, according to what the Church actually wrote about it.  When one day it will be possible to look back and see with greater clarity what happened after the Council, his influence will be noticeable.

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  1. Fr. Pasley says:

    I will continue to pray for Monsignor. He is a truly great man who has never been properly recognized for all the good he has done. He is a gentle, courageous, intelligent, talented, generous, happy, parish priest who has done great things for the Church and the Lord. God be with him.

  2. swmichigancatholic says:

    He’s on my prayer list, along with you, Father.

  3. Tim Ferguson says:

    Most certainly. Ss. Cecilia Agnesque, orate pro eo.

  4. Thomas says:

    I am grateful to have met Monsignor Schuler, as he was instrumental in my conversion, as was the liturgy in his parish. St. Agnes has been good to me, as well. Many more prayers for Monsignor Schuler will be forthcoming.


  5. Val says:

    Prayer for Priests who are Sick
    (Bishop Waters)

    O Sweet Jesus, Eternal High Priest,
    look favorably upon Thy priest Father(…)
    whom sickness has cast upon a bed of pain.

    Draw near to him, lay Thy hand upon him, and heal him by Thy Almighty power.

    Restore him to health and vigor so that praising Thee he may be able to continue to labor in promoting Thy greater honor and glory and the salvation of souls.

    Most Rev. Vincent S. Waters, D.D.
    Raleigh, N.C.
    March 25, 1956

  6. I heard Monsignor had a setback last week. He’s been on my prayer
    list for some time. Though, I have never met him, I am able to experience the fruits of his holy life of labor to keep the Faith alive during the dark years.

    Without him, I don’t think this Archdiocese would have any orthodoxy
    or sacred music left. I’m not sure the church throughout the world would either.

    May God Bless Monsignor Schuler.

  7. tj says:

    When things in the Church have looked particularly negative, it was always a high spot to be able to sing Vespers with Monsignor on Sundays.

    Usually one or several seminarians were there too. Monsignor used to say that the frequent public adoration of the Eucharist at Vespers and Benediction at St. Agnes was one of the biggest reasons for so many vocations coming from his parish.

    It has truly been a blessing to know such a good and holy priest.

  8. Lilie-Jean Awsumb says:

    Msgr. Schuler was an exemplary pastor! What the Catholic Church could accomplish in the world if all of her sons so perfectly loved her children. He was a loving, jovial and devoted father. As one of his many spiritual daughters, I can say he restored my Faith, guarded my Hope, and enlivened my Charity. The gifts which he gave us were too many to list. Each one was a complete study in fatherly love. Not the least of these gifts was the Novus Ordo Mass at St. Agnes. I miss him terribly. May God grant him eternal rest and perpetual light shine upon him. Amen

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