Sabine Supper

Tonight as the sun set I began my supper prep.

Black Angus bone-in rib eye grilled in lemon and first press olive oil.

Sweet corn from Florida.

Mixed greens with homemade Green Godess dressing.

2002 Tobias Zinfandel.

"An all new episode of Smallville." 

Followed by… Aliens.

Life is good at the Sabine Farm.

The steak was rare and like butter.

The corn was as sweet as candy.

The greens and dressing worthy of the Garden.

The Zin – gooey rasberry jam and leather.

Smallville is getting better and darker with every episode.

Aliens… well… makes me hungry again.

Life is good.

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  1. Jonathan Bennett says:

    Glad you are making the best of your day of rest Father :)

  2. Jonathan Bennett says:

    Just one question Father that has confused me throughout your blog- what exactly is a Sabine Farm?

    Begging your forgiveness for a dumb question ;),


  3. UPDATE….

    Cuban Montecristo double corona…


  4. Jonathan: ahhhh

    The Sabine Farm.

    You should read your Horace.

    Read Horace, Jonathan.

    The Sabine Farm

  5. The Cuban Montecristo double coronas mostly come out at night …. mostly.

  6. …mostly…

    OOOOOoooo scaaaaary

  7. danphunter1 says:

    Father,We do not own a television.Please tell me what this “Smallville”is.
    God bless you,and God bless yummy food.

  8. Geoffrey says:

    I love reading your menus, Father! Though I must admit it makes me a bit hungry!

    I showed my mother the above picture of the Sabine Farm. She would like to know if you need a ranch-hand or something like that? Ha ha!

  9. Theodoricus says:

    Life is also good in Amsterdam this month of april. The past 10 days the temprature has risen to almost 30 degrees Celsius. It’s raining weather records here. Actualy i like this Roman Climate…

    So there is barbeque on the menu everyday because the evenings are very warm.

    This is what we ate and drank yesterday:

    – Grilled Chateaubriand-steak with bearnaise-sause and home-made french fries (Belgian way)

    – Chateau Chasse-spleen 1988

    – Creme brulee

    Life is good in Amsterdam….

  10. WRiley says:

    Bone in rib eye rare, excellent choice.

  11. Victor says:

    I always had a bad conscience liking Smallville – now I know you like it too, and everything is ok… :)

  12. Ben says:

    I watched all 4 Alien movies a few weekends ago. The first is the best, but
    Alien Resurrection has its own goofy charm. I love it when Sigourney and
    Winona have to go the ship’s chapel to get an internet link. I might try and
    persuade one of my students to write an essay on theological elements in the
    work of Joss Whedon … ;-)

  13. Ryan says:

    Father, could you tell us a little about how Msgr. Schuler’s funeral went? He was a hero of mine, but being in Indiana, I was unable to attend his funeral (I know you came from Rome, but it’s a long story). :P

  14. joe says:

    “Exhaustion” is the final Jeopardy! answer to “Why did Fr. Z look dazed & confused as he processed in and out of Msgr.Schuler’s Funeral Mass ?”

  15. Stephen M. Collins says:

    “Green Godess” is my favorite salad dressing. It’s not always easy to find in grocery stores. Would you consider sharing your recipe, Fr.?

    It would be absolutely wonderful if Msgr. Schuler’s Requiem Mass was video-recorded, and made available. I could add it to my home-made VHS of his 45th Anniversary of Ordination.

  16. joe says:

    It was video recorded. I saw two guys setting up in the front of the church. Small,digital cameras.

  17. It was recorded, but I don’t have the details yet.

  18. justinmartyr says:

    A true Eastertide feast — save for the wine. Steak needs more tannins than a Zinfandel can provide. You would have been better served with a good claret. But it made my mouth water all the same.

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