WDTPRS server news and RSS feed update

The last month or so saw big changes for WDTPRS.  

First, your traffic so taxed the first server I had at Midphase, that Midphase threatened to turn us off unless I ponied up big time.  Their approach, rather than the need to upgrade helped me decide to migrate.  Joyent came to the rescue.  So, we migrated from Midphase to Joyent.

Second, your traffic so taxed the first server I had at Joyent, that Joyent kindly moved us over to an industrial strength server.  I think we are going to be faster and more stable.

Third, with the first migration my regular RSS feed broke.  It is now repaired.  https://wdtprs.com/rss

Fourth, since the feed is repaired, I believe the PODCAzTs are now available again on iTunes.

That’s what’s going on.

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