11 May: Saint Antimo

Today is the feast of Sant’Antimo, a martyr on the Via Salaria perhaps in the 3rd century.  There is a glorious romanesque abbey church dedicated to Sant’Antimo along the stretch of the Via Francigena passing through Tuscany, not far from Montalcino.  Some French Norbertines have taken the place over and are doing good things, including making good Gregorian chant recordings.  I feature some snips of their stuff in my PODCAzTs and played it when the Z-CAM was live in the Sabine Chapel last summer.

Here is a shot of the place I took last December.

Here is the terse entry in the 2005 Martyrologium Romanum:

2. Via Salaria miliario vicesimo secundo ab Urbe, santi Anthimi martyris.


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  1. Michael says:

    They have some very nice liturgical photos too.

  2. gravitas says:

    Father, I have a question. I was just watching CNN and they were showing the Pope in Brazil, seated, and a priest was placing the miter on his head. But, the priest was wearing white gothic vestments with BLUE stripes. I haven’t been to a NO mass in years but they haven’t changed the colors as well have they?

  3. Antonius says:

    Father. how come many of the pictures you upload are shrunk into so small sizes? Is your space at the new server still a reason to be ‘economic’ about these things?

  4. RBrown says:

    We had a couple of their priests at the Convitto when I was there (one was in Foster’s Latin with me). French. Good guys–I hope they are doing well.

  5. Antonius: I want to make sure pages load quickly and that they are fairly easy to view.

  6. Antonius says:

    That’s good prioritizing, Father. If you would have the time someday, it’s always a possibility to make a small copy for the actual blog page and from there a link to the photo itself.

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