A couple window views

Yesterday evening before heading out to supper (which some of you apparently think I should never eat, or at least must eat in a shabby sort of manner) the light was amazing and required photos. 

Here are a couple shots from my window.

First, the latern of St. Ivo… you’ve seen it before, but can we ever tire of it?

The cupola of Sant’Andrea della Valle, second largest church dome (excluding the Pantheon) in Rome. 



Now a view of the Pantheon. The dome is actually slightly wider is diameter than St. Peter’s, and it is alot older.

And the other direction toward the aforementioned St. Peter’s.


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  1. Jon says:


    Lovely views. Almost as good as a shot of the Amish farmer plowing the field in my backyard! ;^)

    Actually, I’d like to add a little word of encouragement for Those Who Mourn.

    After the sad dinner with the priest friend I wrote about Saturday morning, I had a pleasant surprise yesterday. Bishop Kevin Rhoades, our bishop in Harrisburg, was on hand for a High Mass celebrated in his honor for the 2nd anniversary of our weekly indult. It was a surprise because, well, he surprised us by showing up. He’d had another event planned, but cancelled it at the last minute to be with us. Even the celebrant (Father James Fryar, FSSP), didn’t know His Excellency was going to be there until yesterday morning.

    Anyway, Mass was celebrated in the bishop’s presence. He’d obviously been studying his role, as the few rubrics he needed to follow were preformed flawlessly with no assistance from his MC, who remained in my pew.

    Although he didn’t give the homily, the bishop said a few words from the pulpit between the Last Gospel and the recessional. He spoke for a full ten minutes extolling the beauty of the Traditional Mass. Although he praised JPII for granting the ’88 indult, he didn’t quote him. Instead, he quoted only Pope Benedict, from both The Spirit of the Liturgy, and Sacramentum Caritatis. He then gave us his Apostolic Blessing, chanting back and forth in Latin. It was like Wednesday with the pope. Absolutely fantastic.

    At the end of Mass, in the receiving line, I said to H.E. after thanking him for coming, “Having you here is almost a consolation for not getting the Motu proprio yesterday!” He laughed, and said, “No word yet, but it should be soon!”

    A good man, and I’m grateful to God he’s my Ordinary. Things are looking up.

  2. Jon: Thanks. I made a entry based on your comment.

  3. Beautiful photos! Eat well and often, Father !

  4. Marianne says:

    Hello Father:

    Your pictures are gorgeous! You have a “good eye”! Do you live fairly close to the Pantheon? What kind of camera do you have? I’m currently shopping for a better one; I returned from Rome the end of January and was SO disappointed with my shots…good composition, but fuzzy, etc.

    I’m new to your website (within the last month) and am now a daily visitor.
    Thanks for sharing your “eye-views” and other views as well!!

  5. EM says:

    Being a Catholic who’s spent an inordinate amount of time in the Middle East, my first thought upon seeing the picture of St. Ivo was “They musta gotten that from the Grand Mosque of Samarra.”

  6. Now who told you to eat in a shabby manner? That is quite unbecoming of a priest, or anyone who wants to maintain good manners.

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