Cong. Saints: Decree on Heroic Virtues of PIUS XII!

The Congregation for the Causes of the Saints approved the decree on the heroic virtues of Pius XII.  
This means that the Congregation, after study of his life, testimony about him, his writing and works, etc., that Pius XII has practiced in heroic degree the theological, cardinal and attached virtues.

The Pope must approve this decree of the Congregation before Pius XII may be called "Venerable".

Once this decree is approved by the Pope, then all that will be needed for Beatification would be a miracle "authenticated" through the usual process a processus super miraculo

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  1. ThomasMore1535 says:

    I pray, pray, pray that the Servant of God Pius XII is canonized soon. This is fantastic news. You just know that the Israelis are going to throw havoc over this, and start making all these false protests. I’m sure the New York Times is going to spin this in the worst possible way.

    The cause of the Servant of God Pius XII is particularly dear to me not only as a Catholic, but also because I come from a Jewish family who had relatives who perished during the Holocaust. Pius XII did more than anyone else to save the Jews, and it is a disgrace how much he has been slandered.

  2. danphunter1 says:

    God bless one of the top two Supreme Pontiffs of the Church.
    I cannot wait to see his name in the Calendar.

  3. A cause for rejoicing!

  4. techno_aesthete says:

    Hmm, I thought I read or heard somewhere that Pius XII was declared Venerable shortly after his death. I guess not. Nonetheless, this is great news! Hopefully his cause will gain some momentum. Oremus!

  5. afanco says:

    “Thomas More”, It is not so much the Israelis that will fume, but the liberals and unfortunately ignorant masses who still buy into the communist propaganda that Pius XII was a nazi sympathizer.

  6. ThomasMore1535 says:


    I wish I could agree with you, but it just isn’t the case. About a year ago, the Israeli ambassador to the Vatican warned the Holy See not to beatify the Servant of God Pius XII. Only last month, as you no doubt recall, the Nuncio nearly boycotted an Israeli ceremony remembering the Holocaust because of the slanderous material that the Israeli government had permitted to be displayed about Pius XII. After the Nuncio attended, Jerusalem’s main paper ran an editorial entitled “The Shame of the Vatican.”

    I hope I’m wrong, I really do.

  7. Romulus says:

    Thomas More, I suspect the ruckus raised over the canonisation of Edith Stein was merely a dress rehearsal for what we can expect for Pope Pacelli’s.

  8. Patrick Rothwell says:

    Hooray! Time for a happy hour toast to Papa Pacelli!

  9. Cerimoniere says:

    This will make it all the easier for the next Holy Father to be Pius XIII :) Seriously, however, let us rejoice, and hope that this will help in making his greatness better known. It may also help in making clear that the Holy See will not be bullied.

  10. danphunter1 says:

    Pretty wimpy,Father

  11. Jordan Potter says:

    Dan, surely you don’t think shouting “shut your pie hole” at the Jewish people is appropriate commentary????

    And Father, I understand if you delete my comment too.

  12. What is the difference between “venerable” and “servant of God”?

  13. Cerimoniere says:

    “Servant of God” is the designation applied to someone when the Church has opened a Cause, so from the beginning of the historical process up until the point which has just been reached in Pius XII’s Cause. “Venerable” is the title used of those who are eventually adjuged, through the historical process, to have practised the theological virtues to an heroic degree.

  14. Jeff says:

    Father, how can one discover if a cause has been introduced?

    And how difficult is it to introduce a cause?

  15. Jeff: Asking a cause to be started, as an Actor, is not so hard. However, carrying the cause forward requires that someone foot the bills and find the right people to help. Those things are NOT so easy.

  16. Stephen M. Collins says:

    About 15 years ago, I had an apprentice helping me make pipe organ keyboards. She had grown up Greek Orthodox. While working, we often chatted about things. One day, she asked me: “If you could have dinner, and a long discussion with one person in history, who would it be?” I thought a little bit, and told her I would need to think about it over night. She was not surprised when I told her the next day that it would be Pope Pius XII. He was my Pope while I was growing up. He had made adjustments to the Order of the Mass, and encouraged the congregations to participate more – in Latin and Gregorian chant. Had he lived longer, maybe he would have made some more changes, or even called the Vat. II Council together. What a difference that would have made!

  17. swmichigancatholic says:


  18. Berolinensis says:

    Today, a large number of decrees of the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints has been promulgated by authorization of the Holy Father ( However, the decree concerning Pius XII is not among them. What are we to infer?

  19. Martin says:

    Yes, indeed, why hasn’t the pope yet approved said recommendation? Or has he done it, and I’m just not aware of it?

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