Years ago when people were suggesting St. Isidore of Seville (+636) as the patron saint of the internet, I was asked to write a prayer people could recite before using the internet.  I wrote the prayer in Latin and submitted it, with a translation into English, to a bishop who gave it his approval. 

This prayer is all over the same internet now (both with and without attribution) in many translations which I am trying to collect into one place. 

You can pray to any saint in this matter, of course, but the important this is that you do pray.  There is nothing official about a patron for the internet so far. 

You can find all the versions I have on a separate page here.

If you would like to offer a translation into a language missing from the list, please send it.  I am waiting for translations in Tegalog and Tamil right now.  The newest addition was CATALAN!  Also, I am deeply interested in AUDIO files of the prayer being read by native speakers of the languages.


Oració abans de conectar amb la ret internet
Déu totpoderós i etern
qui ens haveu creat a la vostra imatge
i haveu manat que cerquéssim tot allò que és bo, veritat i bell,
especialment en la divina persona del vostre Fill Unigènit, el nostre Senyor Jesucrist,
concedeu, si us plau,
que, per l’intercessió de sant Isidre, bisbe i doctor,
durant les nostres peregrinacions per la ret internet,
dirigim els nostres ulls i les nostres mans sols envers allò que us és grat,
i que tractem amb caritat i paciència a totes les ànimes que hi trobem.
Per Nostre Senyor Jesucrist.  Amen.

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