Some good news on the nomination front

RINUNCE E NOMINE , 07.05.2007


Il Santo Padre ha nominato Segretario della Congregazione per il Clero S.E. Mons. Mauro Piacenza, Vescovo tit. di Vittoriana, il quale manterrà ad interim gli incarichi di Presidente della Pontificia Commissione per i Beni Culturali della Chiesa e di Presidente della Pontificia Commissione di Archeologia Sacra, elevandolo in pari tempo alla dignità di Arcivescovo, conservandogli la medesima sede titolare di Vittoriana.

One of my Italian readers writes of him via e-mail something of interest:

Excellent. A friend of sound Liturgy and Sacred Music and not in the least a liberal. He’s been always supportive of the "good guys". I love it that the Holy Father let him retain is former offices. He needed some real power in a strategic place and this does seem another good incremental step Ratzinger style. Hopefully he’ll prove good in his new position.


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  1. Marko Tervaportti says:

    Well, he is a disciple of the great Cardinal Siri from Genoa, isn’t he. A good sign indeed!

    BTW: Fr. Z. could some time tell some old jokes and stories about the Cardinal, he must know many of them?

  2. Jon says:


    I feel a thread drift coming on…

    If you haven’t already noticed, over at Father Finnigan’s there are pics posted of his recent Roman Holiday. There’s a very interesting one of some priest in shades

    We know the taste in wine. Now tell us something important. What’s the brew?

  3. Nathan says:

    Jon, I thought that thread drift was allowed only if you managed to bring in some rumor about the Motu Proprio. For example, something like, “Father, is it true that you have given up red wine for beer until the MP comes out?” Or, “Father, is it true that the beer in the photo is called Malt-u Proprio?” Or, “Father, is it true that Bishop Fellay believes that priests in Rome wearing sunglasses indicates a delay in the issue of the Motu Proprio?” That way, we can keep the blogosphere spinning for a few more days. In Christ,

  4. Everybody’s a comedian!


  5. Mark Johnson says:

    Since we’re already drifting, may I interpose a motu-proprio-related question?

    Father, when a motu proprio is issued, how hard is it for it to be reversed by a future pope? For example, if after the Holy Father dies Card. Mahony is elected the next pope (which God forbid), could he instantly undo it if he chose?

  6. Henry Edwards says:

    Mark: I don’t know the answer to your specific question but, more generally, it seems clear to me that — after a biblical 40 years in the desert — the restoration of the Church is finally underway, whether or not a motu proprio actually appears, whoever is the next pope.

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