0707h 07/07/07

0707h 07/07/07

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  1. A. M. Bond says:

    So I am not the only one to notice this strange publication date. It is intriguing. Shall the be the ‘Mark of Heaven’ the ‘Mark of the Saint’ a redirection away from the creation of man and a celebration of the rest of God. Hmmm…

  2. A. M. Bond says:

    I’m sure I was understood, but the above just goes to show that all nighters in preparation for Roman Noon are not a good idea. I need caffeine.

  3. swmichigancatholic says:

    Be careful, as Fr. pointed out the USCCB version isn’t the same as the Vatican text.

  4. A. M. Bond says:

    What are you talking about? This post consists of a number.

    07 07 h 07/07/07

    777 is considered by many people (I don’t necessarily say that it does) to be the Number of God or the Number of Heaven. It is also called the Mark of the Pure, Sign of the saint, Mark of the Angel, and is considered the opposite in meaning the Mark of the Beast, 666. I, am more apt to believe the Church, and say that the in the Hebrew gematria it is a secret representation of the name of Nero. However, we can be open to superstition if it smacks us in the face like the above. I asked if it would be a redirection away from the ‘creation of man’ and a celebration of the ‘rest of God,’ because many interpret 6 to be the numerical equivalent of the Beast, a.k.a. Man, and 7 to represent God, because of the corresponding events in the days of creation. I it suspicious that Benedict should highlight 7.7.07 for the day of publication, if only because it seems to mark of more God oriented liturgy a return to a right rendering of the commandment to ‘Keep Holy the Lord’s Day’. Seven would the Lord’s Day (or eight, if anyone’s counting) and would mean that by the liberation of this Mass we honour God and keep holy a day that is often homo-centric in the modern Church. This is all rubbish, of course, but it is intriguing nonetheless.

  5. John Giglio says:

    7’s are a good sign that the Mass of St. Pius V will be around forever and ever! “How many times do we have to forgive? 7?” “7 times 77” said the Lord!

  6. 7-7-7 is the number of the covenant rest brought to perfection in God. The sabbath rest occurred on the 7th day when God made the earthly paradise He created into His temple. And the exaltation or triumph of the Holy Cross, the Tree of Life, is celebrated on September 14.

    I’m sure Pope Benedict, who is a biblical scholar in his own right, did not miss the significance of the numerology here. Having spent the past 40 years of witnessing the Latin Church “tasting” the fruit of the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” through liturgical abuses and other such nonsense (nb: I am not equating the Ordo of Paul VI with the “tree”, only its aberrant implementation), Pope Benedict has sought to restore the worship of the Church’s sabbath rest by which the faithful are given renewed and vibrant access to the fruit of the Tree of Life, the Holy Eucharist.

    As I said before. it is the Latin Church’s Triumph of Orthodoxy. Let us pray that it bears much fruit in the lives of the faithful!


  7. John Harden says:

    In his book “The Spirit of the Liturgy”, then Card. Ratzinger centered his meditations concerning the liturgy around the passage from St. John’s Gospel, “When I am lifted up I will draw all men to myself.” No doubt the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross has much to do with MP’s implementation date and the fact that the Liturgy of 1962 has a certain ‘lifting up’ of Christ on in the Holy Sacrifice that draws men to Him.

  8. Kathy says:

    The exhortations in the Book of Revelations were addressed to the 7 Churches.

  9. swmichigancatholic says:

    You guys are worrying this old convert now. It’s a date, you know, like on the calendar.

  10. lalis says:

    Lucky number seven! Sorry to bring this into the picture, but this date is getting a lot of attention in, you guessed it, Las Vegas. And not just for gambling, the one-stop shop for quicky marriages is expecting that something like 30,000 people will get married there today. I don’t know if luck is the basis for a successful marriage, but the best of it to all of them! If I were a divorce lawyer I’d have my business card inserted into some sort of gift package for all the lucky couples.

  11. Sid Cundiff says:

    Lucky Seven indeed!

    We give thanks today to Almighty God, the Vicar of Christ, – and also to you Fr. Z, for maintaining this website, rallying the troops, offering sound counsel, and keeping up morale. Bless you!

    I am considering a pilgrimage to Rome for Holy Week 2008. I suppose that, given your fans surely number now more than Mick Jagger, my chances of meeting you are both nil and an impertinence upon your precious time. Perhaps will be at the same Tenebrae.

  12. “You guys are worrying this old convert now. It’s a date, you know, like on the calendar.”

    Of course, we all know that St. Peter’s mailing address is 777 Pearly Gates.

    Could be that too, you know!

    :-) Gordo

  13. TP says:


    Something very important. Priests have not been taught latin for 30 years. So even if they did want to use the classic usage, they could not even read the rubrics to learn how.

    Is there a classic usage missal with the rubrics in English? Or any place where the Mass is said at least audibly so priest can learn correct pronounciation? Chant tones?

    Just curious?

  14. swmichigancatholic says:

    Actually in this most dry of dioceses, we miraculously have 2 priests who know how, and both of them can teach. And we have young ones eager to learn. And there’s always the fact that many groups like the FSSP and others are offering seminars.

  15. swmichigancatholic says:

    And there’s always this method.

  16. It’s called “something fun we won’t see again”.

    Breathe deeply. Relax.


  17. Widukind says:

    Several days ago, in the “Okay….” thread I posted the following:

    For what it is worth, a friend of mine noticed the MP will be promulgated on 7 – July – 07, that is, 777, the Apocolyptic number for the “King of Kings and Lord of lords” (Rev. 19:16).
    Comment by Widukind — 5 July 2007 @ 7:31 am

    In fact, I even put it in yet an earlier post! However, no one picked up on it. I thought that Fr. Z. would have caught it with his acute aquilian eye and would have made some pithy sagacious comment in his usual terse latinistic style. Alas, ….

  18. Bruno Maria says:

    Well, it’s now the first Sunday post Motu Proprio. Did anyone notice that in today’s Gospel (Mark 8:1-9) for the extraordinary form of the Roman rite the word “seven” appears three times?

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