It’s a conspiracy, tell you!

After solving a few of my techincal problems, which made getting the last couple PODCAzTs made and promulgated so arduuous, today I am having environmental problems!

It seems like everytime I settle into get something done, the phone squawks or FedEx rings the doorbell.  Now, the lawn is being mowed.  And it is a big lawn!  To get the whole thing mowed it takes about 20 gallons of gas and a whole day on a large noisy anti-PODCAzT tractorlike beast of a….

In any event, I guess I can get some of the other production details out of the way. 



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  1. Jeff Pinyan says:

    Would it be possible, for future PODCAzTs, if your brief summary on your blog included the audiography, as it were, of the musical pieces used in the PODCAzT? I’m listening to St. Augustine talk about John the Baptist, and I can’t get the beautiful string piece from the beginning of the PODCAzT out of my head!

    Just doing whatever he tells me (John 2:5),

  2. mike says:

    Fr Z,

    You reminded me of Father Ernst OSFS from my boyhood. He cut the parish grass on a riding mower always wearing the same chinos & white t-shirt. It took hours. He seemed to be at peace when mowing.


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