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I have gotten a few e-mails asking why I am not making as many PODCAzTs as I did before.  This got me thinking. 

What is the status quaestionis…the state of the question?

Simply put, since I have been back from Rome at the Sabine Farm I have had some technnical problems in making a smooth recording that satisfies me and I have been doing some other things.   Resolving the problems takes time and, frankly, I have a lot to do. 

I started considering the statistics for accesses of the recordings and began to wonder if they were worth the effort.  The same consideration influenced my removal of the webcam from the chapel: it drew a lot of bandwidth, it was not the quality image I wanted, and not many people were using it.  So…. GCCCCK!… I killed it off. 

Similarly, these audio pieces siphon thought and time away from my thought and time budget. 

I noticed in my stats that PODCAzT 34: St. Thomas Aquinas on the Eucharist; Mass in heaven? No! has been accessed just over 1000 times since I posted it on 9 June. 

PODCAzT 35: Cyprian on the Our Father; MP Rules of Engagement – 661
PODCAzT 36: St. Augustine on John the Baptist; Ut queant laxis – 393
PODCAzT 37: The position of the altar and the priest’s “back to the people” – 868

I really don’t have any firm grasp of whether that is a lot or not in comparison with other podcasts and that is not why I was making them.  I was curious about the podcast phenomenon and so I started making them.  I learned a lot and it has been interesting.  I was curious about the blogosphere, so I started one.  I have learned a lot, and it has been interesting. As a certain point I evaluate how they fit in my life.  If lot a people are using these little projects, will keep at them.  If I don’t think they are useful and growing in a way proportionate to my effort to make them, … GCCCCK!

In the wake of the Motu Porpio Summorum Pontificum I had the idea to make a few PODCAzTs on issues like the orientation of the altar, silence, active participation, kneeling, and such I planned to use mainly such as writings of good auth.  Thors, like Joseph Ratzinger and that school of liturgical thought. The aim was to help people understand what the MP was about and answer questions about things which might puzzle people who are new to the old, as it were.

In any event, my fingers are thinking out loud.  I wanted to bring you up to date on my blog and PODCAzT status quaestionis.

Please know that I am so very grateful to all of you who participate here with a good spirit.  I am also grateful to everyone who has used the donation button.  You are tops and it has been more helpful than you know.

Finally, in keeping with the "Where are you?" posts I do once in a while,… here is a snapshot of where the logins are coming from, as of now.  Please know that I cut out a lot of "Unknown" entries, and vague ones like "United Kingdom".  This list won’t show where all of you are with accuracy, but it give an impressionistic picture of who is reading right now.

Brighton, Massachusetts
Rome, Lazio
Arlington Heights, Mass…
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Smyrna, Georgia
Salt Lake City, Utah
East Horsley, Bracknell…
Boston, Massachusetts
Columbus, Ohio
Providence, Rhode Island
Washington, District of…
Harriston, Ontario
London, Lambeth
Sonora, California
Philadelphia, Pennsylva…
Madison, Wisconsin
Toulouse, Midi-Pyrenees
Toronto, Ontario
Carluke, North Lanarksh…
Bletchley, Milton Keynes
Victoria, British Colum…
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Newton Center, Massachu…
Damariscotta, Maine
Lexington, Kentucky
Wiesbaden, Hessen
Algs, Lisboa
London, Lambeth
Charlotte, North Carolina
Kansas City, Missouri
Springfield, Massachuse…
South Weymouth, Massach…
Malvern, Pennsylvania
Dedham, Massachusetts
Eustis, Florida
Hope, Sheffield
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Sarver, Pennsylvania
Natick, Massachusetts
Baltimore, Maryland
San Antonio, Texas
Vancouver, British Colu…
Deer Park, New York
Melbourne, Florida
Denver, Colorado
Urbana, Iowa
Cincinnati, Ohio
Hathersage, Sheffield
Shooters Hill, Newham
Irving, Texas
Jamestown, New York
Stevenage, Norfolk
Dresden, Sachsen
Troy, Michigan
Jacksonville, Florida
Chicago, Illinois
Snellville, Georgia
Vienna, Wien
Dublin, Ohio
Sacramento, California
Collegeville, Minnesota
College Park, Maryland
Westland, Michigan
Osasco, Sao Paulo
Wallingford, Connecticut
Goodhue, Minnesota
Hove, Brighton and Hove
Montgomery, Alabama
Dobbs Ferry, New York
Long Beach, New York
Boston, Massachusetts
Benton Harbor, Michigan
Houston, Texas

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