Sr. Chittister, AGAIN, on the older Mass in the NCR!

Sr. Chittister is pretty worried.

On 10 July Sister produce what must be called an exemplary piece on the Motu Proprio and older form of Mass.  It perfectly conveys what Sister stands for.

Nearly a month later she has produce a fresh piece.  If you compare the two, you will find they are nearly identical.

I don’t need to produce here the newer version, from the National Catholic Reporter for 3 August 2007.  Just go read the the first from 10 July which has my comments with it. 

Since she first wrote about the Motu Proprio Sister has had almost a month to hone her razor sharp observations and polish the steel traps of her reasoning.

She just recycled what she wrote before, for the same publication.  Sometimes writers do that.

I suppose we can take it either that she is on vacation or this is the very best she can produce on the subject.

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