From Dublin: News of the implementation of Summorum Pontificum


I received this e-mail from a kind reader.  Slightly edited and with my emphases and comments.

Dear Fr. Zuhlsdorf,

Since 1989 the Archdiocese of Dublin has had Mass in the Extraordinary rite celebrated in a city centre church on Sundays and holydays. The Easter Triduum has also been permitted as well as the customary three Masses at Christmas.

On Sunday last the Archbishop announced that he wishes to make a wider provision for those attracted by the Extraordinary rite. He is establishing a chaplaincy with a resident priest to provide a daily Mass in addition to the existing arrangements. He also announced that all the Sacraments will be available in the old rite together with funeral Masses.

The resident priest will be assisted by the existing team of two other diocesan priests and two regulars (a Carmelite and a Marist). A Dominican is expected to join the team shortly.

This enhanced service will involve a move to another city centre church. Its something of a gem since it is Pugin designed and is in excellent condition.

This is a great development and will add to the already large congregations of about 400 who attend Mass weekly. Its always a Missa Cantata or Solemn High Mass with high quality choirs providing the music.

… Many thanks for your excellent website which I have been following for a long time.

This is very happy news. 

Hopefully there will be success stories as the Motu Proprio is implemented and the joy will spread.


I received the following e-mail:

Dear Father Zuhlsdorf,

 Given that I appreciate the work you are doing, I regret very much having to write to you with a quibble.

 Your informant from Dublin has given you wildly inaccurate information.

 The Archbishop of Dublin made no such announcement as described.  The announcement made from the pulpit in St. Audoen’s, High St, Dublin 8 was made by Father Gerard Deighan, but Father Deighan emphasised that the Archbishop was considering the arrangement substantially suggested in the article, but that he had made no final decision in this regard.  At the moment, there is a process of consultation and negotiation which are ongoing.  You will appreciate that there are substantial and powerful enemies of the extraordinary form in the Dublin Archdiocese, so for this reason, I would be very grateful if the posting in question was either withdrawn or clarified.

Thanking you in advance,

In Domino et Domina,

Peadar Laighléis,

Latin Mass Society of Ireland

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  1. TJM says:

    Makes me proud to be an Irishman! Tom

  2. Oscar says:

    I’m curious as to how the Motu Proprio has been received in Asia and Africa? Do you have any idea?

  3. Julie D. says:

    Off topic, the iTunes feed has no episodes at all. I was going to email you about this but the email link on your page goes to your jpg link (not that there’s anything wrong with that … a lovely photo to be sure! :-D).

    Cheers, Julie D.

  4. Establishing complete Parishes using the Mass and books of John XXIII, seems to be a very practical and workable thing for bishops to do. Then other priests in the area will come to observe. Little by little the old Mass will expand. We cannot expect too much too soon, as the old adage says, “A drop hollows a rock.” Lucretius

    William A. Torchia, Esquire

  5. John Polhamus says:

    Nice to be back. Bishop Brom in San Diego has apparrantly circulated a letter to his priests using the “qualified priest” argument, and further mandating that requests for the mass can only be made by residents of the parish where they are requesting it. This is not stated in the Motu Proprio, precisely because many people are attending parishes other than their own because of the lack of form in their local parish, and/or the inability or non-desire of the resident priest to say a reverent vernacular mass, much less the extrordinary form. What is to become of these people, then? I guess they’re out of luck, pending a clarification from Ecclesia Dei, at least in San Diego. Has this tactic cropped up in other dioceses yet?

  6. PMcGrath says:

    Could your Dublin correspondent tell us specifically which “city center” church will be the new Latin Mass home? And which one has it now? Dublin has a small city center — well, small if you’re used to Manhattan — and it would be useful to know where these churches are if you’re travelling to the Fair City.

  7. jun says:

    Oscar, here in the Philippines, the catholic hierarchy is silent on the motu proprio. If the holy father celebrates the extraordinary rite of the mass in public, i guess the country’s bishops will try to outdo each other in initiating the celebration of the extraordinary rite.

  8. Treasa says:

    Thank God Archbishop Martin is setting a fine example. To find a Traditional Latin Mass in Ireland within reasonable distance is very difficult for those visiting. Let us hope for a steady revival and more bishops accepting Pope Benedict XVI’s motu proprio, and being obedient. St. Audoen’s (sp?) has had the Latin Mass for a long time I gather. Let us hope to see the same now happen at the Pro-Cathedral or Clarendon St. and many other parishes. So many monastic ruins all over Ireland should remind us all of what has been and what could come again. Considering Ireland is now down to one seminary I am told, there is a long way to go …

  9. Padraig says:

    PMcGrath: The current location is St Audoen’s, High St; the proposed new location is St Kevin’s, Harrington St. Both are just a five minute walk from the city centre – first rate locations. The Sunday Mass will continue at St Audoen’s until further notice, but there should be a daily Mass at St Kevin’s from Sept 14. I hope the new chaplaincy will have a website, to keep everyone well informed.

  10. Pete says:

    Great news. Any outrage at St Audoen’s, women shouting at the priests and that kind of thing, as when the Poles arrived?

  11. Eamonn says:

    There was no outrage but satisfaction and gratitude instead. The new Chaplain had already spoken to many of the regular Mass-goers in St Audoen’s and gotten their support in advance. He’s determined to bring off the move in a spirit of unity and charity; he’s just the man to do it too. Of course, unless the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it, so prayers are extra welcome! NB will give you locations and times for Masses in the traditional form anywhere in Ireland.

  12. Rumold says:

    Sunday Mass will continue in St Audoen’s High Street at 11am until the move to St Kevin’s in Harrington Street is completed.
    The Mass time will change to 10.30am in the new venue.The chaplain designate is indeed a first class priest.He lectures in Sacred Scripture at Milltown Institute and Mater Dei Institute attached to Dublin City University.He is also completing his doctorate in scripture at the Biblicum.And he is in his thirties!

  13. Pete says:

    Ah excellent, Father GD I presume — he must be delighted.

  14. G says:

    Interesting news.
    No slight to anyone, Rumold, Eamonn, and Padraig, but I have read that Ireland is hardly Christian any more, let alone Catholic.
    I have not had the great joy of traveling there in nearly 10 years, when parishes, even at daily Mass, seemed vigorous and vibrant (to use the current buzz word,) though I don’t recall hearing so much as a single word of Latin or Greek in a month of Masses..
    But in article after article one is told that prosperity is sending Ireland down the same path of secularism as the rest of Europe.
    Any truth to that?

    In any case, surely this initiative will bear much (and much needed,) fruit.

    God save the Archbishop!
    God save the Holy Father!

    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

  15. jaykay says:

    G said: “I have read that Ireland is hardly Christian any more, let alone Catholic.”

    Well the short answer to that, G, is “don’t believe all you read”. For example, in just over an hour I’ll attend Mass at a Dublin city-centre church which will be, if maybe not as crowded as it might have been 10 years ago, still pretty crowded with workers and shoppers. And it’s also crowded every Sunday for their sung (NO) Mass, to which people travel as the centre isn’t really populated any more. And for a country that’s allegedly “hardly Christian” it’s strange that abortion is still illegal, no? Of course they’re working insidiously on that but it’s still capable of causing a huge storm if they try it. I don’t have to say who “they” are of course :)

    Anyway, great news about the forthcoming provision of the daily Mass. Abp Martin of Dublin has himself celebrated the extraordinary rite in public and is well disposed to it. Unfortunately most dioceses in Ireland haven’t even one indult Mass and the Bishops’ website (Catholic Communications Office) has not even a mention of the Motu Proprio itself. Neither has the website of the Archdiocese of Dublin despite Abp Martin’s most welcome move. In fact I have yet to see one example of any Diocese addressing the issue in the way that US Bishops have done, as published here so well by Fr. Z. Still, one lives in hope… dum spiro spero.

  16. Rumold says:

    Well well.Mr Laighleis turns a “quibble” into “wildly inaccurate information”.It is correct that the announcement was not made personally by the Archbishop.It was communicated by him in letter form to Fr Deighan who announced it from the pulpit.The letter states that the Archbishop wishes to provide more generously for those attached to the old rite and then goes on to set forth the “arrangement substantially suggested in” my email to Fr Zuhlsdorf.I don’t see why Mr L has become so excited. Whatever about his conspiracy theories of “substantial and powerful enemies” of the Extraordinary Rite in Dublin ,Archbishop Martin is clearly not one of them and its his decision which was announced. Relax Mr Laighleis.

  17. Pete says:

    Hopefully the next issue of the Brandsma Review will give us all some more information about all this.

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