Help Italian writer Andrea Tornielli make a catalogue of liturgical abuses

Italian journalist for Il Giornale and blogger, the worthy Andrea Tornielli needs some help.  Here is my translation of his Sacri Palazzi blog entry.

"Vaudeville Masses" , shall we make a list?

Reading some of your comments on the posts dedicated to the Motu Proprio of Benedict XVI to derestrict the old Mass, an old project came back to my mind, for which I would like to ask your help.  I’d like to conduct a "census" in some way, with copious documentation (and a pinch of sarcasm), of liturgical abuses perpetrated in our churches.  A detailed survey – it could be a book – could, I believe, help understand why there are people who are rediscovering the old liturgy.  I am attaching a photo which shows an illusionist in the midst of a trick (the suspension in air of his partner) as the "offertory" during a Mass.  Feel like helping me?


Since Tornielli’s blog is in Italian, perhaps you could post your items here and he could pick them up and use them.  Otherwise, you could send them directly to him

Post links to blog posts or other sites including VIDEO or PHOTO evidence ONLY.  We don’t need simple descriptions or complaints here.  Provide evidence.

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  1. Arieh says:

    How about stations of the cross in mime?

    Or should we just stick to abuses of the mass?

  2. Craigmaddie says: is a good place for photographic evidence of abuses. And of course there is the infamous Halloween Mass of Orange County from last year which is on You-Tube.

  3. Mr. Stork says:

    Actually there is quite big catalogue of abuses at Unfortunately commentary is in Polish, however many photos are published. Hope this will be a bit of help.

  4. Heterodox Heck says:

    Unfortunately, there’s no photo evidence of the liturgical mooovement (and drama!) ministry, but it’s listed in the ministries section. The ministries listing also mentions the “bread baking ministry,” so it’s safe to mention the fresh, hot, honey-sweetened, baking soda-leavened bread served fresh with liturgical movement and all-skate footwashing served on Holy Thursday.

  5. Anon says:

    Here is the announcement for the “Insta-Mass” in Rochester at the Newman Center
    Here is a photo of Bishop Clark presiding at an “Insta-Mass”

  6. Bryce says:

    Teen from band gives homily, diocese of Orange, California:

    Clown Mass, diocese of Oakland

    Holloween Mass, Barney blessing, etc, diocese of Orange, California:

    Story with links of Bishop Brown literally assaulting woman by dragging her to her feet forcibly so she won’t be kneeling to receive Communion:

  7. anon says:

    Take your pick of the photos and videos of the “liturgies” at the Religious Education Congress in Anaheim:

    This youtube video gives a brief taste:

  8. aeneas says:

    One of the most outrageous liturgical abuses occurred last year at a “Halloween Mass” orchestrated by a certain Fr. Fred Bailey at:
    Corpus Christi Catholic-Christian Community
    27231 Aliso Viejo Parkway,
    Aliso Viejo, Ca 92656

    If you can stand watching this video in its entirety you will notice “Eucharistic ministers” doing their thing dressed as devils!!!

    There is a follow-up video clip of the same priest giving a Barney Blessing after Mass.

    Apparently there is a group called “Concerned Roman Catholics of America Inc.” which has been collecting videos of a number of liturgical abuses. Their web site is:

  9. Running from the Boat Mass says:

    “Pontoon Mass” Bores Novus Ordo Boaters
    After the “Coffee Mass,” the “Elvis Mass,” the “Gay Mass,” the “Dance Mass,” and all the other Novus Ordo perversions of Holy Mass, let’s hear it for the “Pontoon Mass.”

    According to the blurb, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in La Follette, Tennessee, recently held their annual “Pontoon Mass” on Norris Lake. Pastor “Father” Joe Campbell celebrated the “liturgy” with 34 parishioners boating — sorry, attending. After “Mass,” the parishioners went swimming.

    Note in the picture how bored everyone is. Not one of the boaters is even looking at the “altar.” Notice the “presbyter” is dressed in boating attire. Do you get the idea that the “novelty” of the New Order has worn off, even for the Novus Ordinarians? I daresay that even they don’t believe that this is a real Mass.

  10. Bruce T. says:

    If by chance you are not familiar with Una Voce Venetia, there is a collection of photos of liturgical abuses here:

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