Some housekeeping

I am very grateful for the amazing response to this blog.  We have grown a great deal in the past few months.

Thanks to all of you with blogs who are linking to WDTPRS.  You are very kind.  Solidarity!

Traffic has created some consequences for the server hosting the blog.  Don’t worry! We won’t have another server nightmare, as we did some months ago.  There has been a little "stuttering", however, resulting in some comments posting more than once.  This is more an annoyance than anything.  I have been trying to delete repeat messages.  There is no need to apologize for double posts (unless, of course, you are doing it on purpose!). 

From time to time I simply delete comments that are either, to my mind at the moment of reading them, too sharp or, perhaps, way off topic, or else clearly creating a risk of "going down a rabbit hole" as I call it, that is leading the discussion in a direction I don’t want it to go.  Also, I am not at all a fan of totally anonymous comments.  I think people should be courteous enough to readers to present at least some way to address them in return, some sort of handle. You can’t discuss anything with several "anonymous" posters. 
If you are ever worried about losing something you have spent time writing and don’t want to have to write again, you might write it first in Notepad and then cut/paste it into the com box.

Some of you have very kindly sent donations via the donation button on the left side bar.  Thank you!  It all helps, friends, and it shows that I must be doing something right (at least for those using the donation button!  o{];¬)

Many of you have written e-mail to me.  I am sorry that I cannot answer each and every note I receive.  I simply get too many.  I am also sorry if when I repond I write very brief notes in return.  Again, it is a matter of time.

Thanks for your use of PODCAzTs.  These little projects are not always easy to put together and it is nice to know they are used.  The stats for numbers of times they are accessed are more and more helping me determine when to make another one.  I am still considering ways to make them better, including some hardward (microphone) upgrades to get rid of background buzz, etc.  It is a learning process.

I plan to upgrade WordPress soon and experiment with different themes.  Be patient when that process begins.  It would be nice to do some graphics work, but so far that is beyong me.

Kindly accept my gratitude for your own contributions here!  You help make this blog what it is and I am grateful to you.

About Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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