WDTPRS ALERT! Encourage a sad blogger!

Fr. Martin Fox is a little sad that he is not getting as many hits right now and the bonfire of his vanities is fading a bit.   And we know that weekend stats tend to drop off a bit, too.
Let’s give Father a little bump to raise his spirits for the weekend (even though I don’t think he links to us here… o{];¬)   )

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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10 Responses to WDTPRS ALERT! Encourage a sad blogger!

  1. JustDave says:

    I’ll stop by.


  2. John says:

    Perhaps if Fr. Martin changed that terrible color scheme we could read his blog ;-)

  3. Jacob says:

    I have the same problem. I only get a hundred hits at best on any given weekday and weekends are really slow. Since the Holy Father got elected, other blogs have popped up that have done it bigger and more thoroughy, if only by cutting and pasting /everything/ that mentions the Pope or the Catholic Church. It’s hard to keep up with anything original for the layman who isn’t trained in theology or who doesn’t have backdoor sources in the hierarchy.

    Keep the faith!

  4. Malta says:

    Fr. Z,

    I have been enjoying you elucidating commentary on our linguistically-acrobatic and liturgically-artistic Bishops; who so want to support Summorum, but just can’t, in their heart of hearts!

    God Bless, Fr.!

    Here is some food for thought from the apex of “Party-Line”:


  5. Fr Martin Fox says:


    I’m not “discouraged”!

    It was a Friday afternoon, and I had to post something

    I was just being…wistful!


  6. Hehehehehehehehehe……..

    I’d say Fr. Martin Fox landed in Fr. Z’s cross-hairs – the large print edition!

  7. Fr. Fox: Yah… just having some fun wichya. All the best!


  8. Fr Martin Fox says:

    Fr Z:

    It is true, I didn’t have you linked — I didn’t realize you had linked me.


    (By the way, my hit count is soaring! You da man!)

  9. Fr. Fox: No! YOU da man! Which I think is the ICEL version of “Ecce homo!

  10. Karen Russell says:


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