A geeky day

Today our WDTPRS inner geek was given its freedom.

First, we are now on yet another server… newer… faster.  The blog should be much snappier now and some problems like the comment "stuttering" should be all but history.

Second, we are creating a clone.  Yes, I know Catholics and all good people don’t like cloning.  But this is a good clone.  This is a clone of the blog living in a secret place where many updates and modifications will be made.  When satisfaction is attained: click.  It will live.

Third, I installed on the Sabine Network a groovy network power switch with a web interface.  So, if there are problems with any of my equipment due to the all to frequent power fluctuations way out here in the Sabine boonies, I no longer will need to call and beg someone to go into my house and unplug or reboot some of my key items… such as the SlingBox (may its creators be praised and rewarded).  I can now remotely turn power on and off and even send a command to the router’s power socket to switch itself off, wait x seconds and then power back up.  Very cool.

This will explain the problems with accessing the blog today.

Thanks for your patience.

About Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Johnny Domer says:

    Wow…this, your blackberry queries, and then Battlestar Galactica? Whatever happened to the swashbuckling Father Z who dressed like Zorro and drove around in a bugatti with Pope Benedict?

  2. Way Cool!

    And very neat to see such technological savvy coordinated with living Tradition.

  3. Johnny: Not to worry. The cape has a special pocket for the phone and for the special Bugatti key. Thus I can be alerted when there are problems and make a quick get away when my work is done. As for the Battlestar Galactica… that’s just for fun.

  4. Jonathan Bennett says:

    Ha, being away from Rome for this long has made you soft Father! You need to get back to the noise and pollution and politics of the Eternal City ;)

  5. Zach says:

    Father Z…Master theologian and network master!

  6. Wow, talk about an authentic application of Vatican II ! Being in line with Tradition but adapting to the modern world. Way to go, Father!

  7. bryan says:

    You wouldn’t want to share the specifics of the tech stuff, would you
    obviously keeping the specifics private)?

    (Some of us are always interested in increasing not only our Faith, but
    our own web site reliability…:))


  8. Johnny Domer says:

    And there’s Pope Benedict at the door of the Sabine Chapel! I had a feeling another photoshopped picture was in the works. I suppose actually flying a spaceship isn’t quite as nerdy as watching a tv series about it…

  9. Johnny: Try the series. It’s good!

  10. Mitchell Bond says:

    Battlestar Galactica is a wonderful series with many thought provoking concepts, a brilliant and gritty cinematography, great actors, and intense drama. I found the reversion of humanity to the worship of the Graeco-Roman Gods interesting, and the monotheism of the cybernetic race known as the Cylons even more so. It brought to mind cloning, and what defines a human being. The Cylons were virtually human beings in every respect, but did they possess souls? The fact that they could not be permanently killed as long as their minds were preserved does offer some difficulty. The fact that they did not have fully organic brains makes the theory even messier.

    Mary McDonnell was absolutely wonderful as Roslin and I was very pleased with Edward James Olmos as Adama. It may not reflect the ideal society as represented by the Church Catholic, but it offers a fascinating portrayal of human beings, delving into the psychological dimension of our persons that often isolates itself from Divine influence, but nonetheless suffers the irritant of conscience.

  11. I apologise for going off topic, but I love that show, and there was some connexion between it and the rest of the discussion, I suppose.

  12. And what is best about BSG… I got a Viper out of it! And I don’t mean the Dodge.

    That Viper might be about the only thing I know of that can beat that Veyron!

  13. Mitchell Bond says:

    Father, very few vehicles are as beautiful in engineering as the Bugatti Veyron, but I must say (I’m not familiar with your tastes) the Koenigsegg CCR might give it a run for its money. I think you and Papa Ratzinger could pull the look off, just remember to let me come for a ride.

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