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  1. sigil7 says:

    *Obviously* NOT the Red Sox…

  2. It’s obvious: convert to hockey!

  3. Wm. Christopher Hoag says:

    From the Rock and Roll Captial of the World: GO TRIBE!

    Hey that Chief Wahoo cap is an OLD Indians hat…

  4. Mike in NC says:

    It’d be nice to see Chief Wahoo wearing a crown again, and his eyes looking up at it.

    One of the logos for the old St Louis Browns had St Louis (the king of France) on horseback:

    St. Louis Browns Primary (1936 – 1951)

  5. catholiclady says:

    Doesn’t matter, the Rockies will win the series.

  6. Fr. Scott Bailey, C.Ss.R. says:

    No dilemma. GO SOX!!!!!

  7. Well… there is a lot to be said in favor of the Red Sox. First, their victory would annoy many Yankees fans. Second, they have a great ball park.

  8. Fr. Scott Bailey, C.Ss.R. says:

    And there are those who would say that your first reason, Father, is one of great importance. But I cannot imagine who.

  9. JML says:

    I was born a Red Sox fan. I will die a Red Sox fan.

    However, nothing will beat a Clarkson NCAA hockey championship.

  10. Rob in Maine says:

    Here in Maine, solid Red Sox country, it is well known that Louis Sockalexis of the Pennobscots was the first native American in major league baseball. The Cleveland Spiders became the Cleveland Indians in honor of him.

    So, Go SOX! But yay Cleaveland.

  11. John Enright says:

    Irrelevant to Phillies phans. Though, I still like Curt.

  12. Joachim says:

    Only one thing to do–weep for God’s Team: The Yankees! :,(

  13. JPG says:

    Here in Ct after 6 yrs in Cleveland is GO TRIBE !!!!!
    Ps it is a phrase Yankee fans are learning quickly.
    JPG, Fairfield CT

  14. Patronus says:


    Boston got its title in ’04. Now the Indians get a chance to end the futility.

  15. Jakub says:

    Beantown born,baptized,communed and confirmed pre VatII, go BoSox !

  16. Jean-Luc DeLacroix says:

    WHAT!?! “GOD’S TEAM”!?! ARE YOU INSANE!?! Who do you think sent that plague of insects to mess with Jobba Chamberlain? Almighty Dollar is the deity of the team that’s about to tear down the house that Ruth built.

    …disclaimer here…BIG sox fan, but have always had a soft spot for the tribe (and would totally jump on the bandwagon if they take the AL), so as long as them wins the WS I’m happy…the sox’ll have plenty of championships coming to them in the 21st century once the NEW curse of the Bambino lights on the New York Spank Me’s


    …ps, hope that “curse” stuff doesn’t count as superstition

  17. Wm. Christopher Hoag says:

    Which team is Bishop Richard Lennon supporting?!

    I heard that when asked this at a meeting this morning, he replied that either way his team wins!

    GO TRIBE!!!

    Kickin’ it in da 216. Yo!

  18. Kim Poletto says:

    What to do? Obviously the answer is THE COLORADO ROCKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Thomas says:

    Anything to annoy the hated Yankees.

  20. Fr. John says:

    Fr. Z Go Sox no doubt!

  21. Khaled says:

    Although it’s looking pretty bleak, still gotta go with the Red Sox.

    Let’s Go Red Sox!

  22. Norman says:

    For a moment I thought they were new designs of birettas. Then I noticed that the pom-poms were missing …

  23. Ad Orientem says:

    I really have no dog in this fight. But I will back whichever east coast team wins against the Rockies. None of the teams in the playoffs are really on my list. As an Orthodox Christian I am of course a supporter of (who else?) the (NY) Metropolitans.


  24. Seumas says:

    The Sox are by far the coolest team (aside from the Mariners, but they’re out of contention this year). Even more importantly, as was said, no other team has the potential to annoy the Yankees and their fans more than the Sox, and THAT is priceless.

    So, yeah, gotta go with the Sox.

  25. Sam says:

    Eh. The Mets aren’t in it. What does it really matter?

  26. Jon says:

    The Yankees are situated in that locus of evil – New York City.

    The Red Sox are the team of the liberal, the arrogant, and the Kerryesque.

    My Birds have fallen yet again from the nest.

    REAL Americans root only for the American League.


  27. Justinmartyr says:

    I hear that +Lennon is planning a consolidation — the Indians and Sox will be merged with the Mudhens and play in Toledo starting sometime in 2009 or ’10. Jacobs Field will become a minimum-security correctional facility for bishops convicted of perjury, and the Green Monster will house the USCC’s new environmental secretariat.

  28. Boston thinks they’re the center of the known universe. They’re almost as obnoxious about it as New York. Cleveland, on the other hand, is in no danger of being mistaken for such distinction. And that’s too bad, because it’s a great little town. The only reason to root for the Sox is so they’ll humiliate the Yankees. But we don’t get that chance this year. That leaves us with only one choice.

    And since the airfares to Cleveland in the eastern USA tend to be very cheap, going to the three-day party-in-the-streets after they win the Big One for the first time in over half a century wouldn’t be a bad idea. Besides, have you been there lately? They could use the good news.

    Go Tribe.

  29. Fr Peter says:

    We cleary see from this picture that the Tribe is on the LEFT (liberal) and the Sox are on the RIGHT (Conservative) no problem here.

    GO SOX!

  30. dcs says:

    It really doesn’t matter. Since the American League subscribes to the Designated Hitter heresy, the best thing would be for the series to go seven games and one of the two teams emerge victorious but battered, so that the Colorado Rockies can have an easy path to the World Series title.

  31. moretben says:

    What on earth is this thread about??


  32. Argent says:

    What on earth is this thread about??

    Why it’s about the Red Hats, of course. What else is there?

    Go, Archbishop DiNardo and Archbishop Bagnasco!

  33. Pavegs says:

    GO SOX!!!! The Red Sox are clearly the right choice here (no explanation required), I mean honestly, THEIR THE RED SOX!!! Even though I’m not very happy right now about their little losing streak, that little back-to-back-to-back, three in a row, home run stretch last night was amazing. Only the Red Sox could pull that off and still lose. GO SOX!!!

  34. TAAD says:

    Ya gotta go for us little guys with a small payroll and a bunch of no
    name players and no name manager who have big hearts. Go Tribe!
    PS. Jacobs Field is great ball park too!

  35. Since the American League subscribes to the Designated Hitter heresy…

    Frankly, I think we should suspend oecumenical relations with them until they renounce their errors.


    This thread is about that game they play in the American League, which uses similar equipment to baseball. I forget what it’s called.

  36. Michael R. says:

    Definitely the Tribe, if only to find out whether Chief Wahoo’s eyes really do change direction when they win the World Series.

  37. dcs says:

    Frankly, I think we should suspend oecumenical relations with them until they renounce their errors.

    Indeed, especially communio in sacris (inter-league play).

    However, traditionalists might be concerned about the possible invalidity of a wild-card team (the Rockies) winning the World Series.

  38. GO TRIBE !!!

    I grew up in Erie, PA, just 90 miles east of Cleveland and Father Bob Levis and I are die-hard Indians fans.

    Father John Trigilio

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