PDF of the 1962 Missale Romanum online!

Musica Sacra has done us a great service.

The 1962 Missale Romanum is now online in PDF format.


It’ll take a while to download for some people: 79.02 mb

Worth the wait.

Many thanks to my friend Fr. Robert Skeris for this great tool.

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  1. Jonathan Bennett says:

    The Missal is also available in PDF format on the SanctaMissa site, which has some recent additions with excellent resources.

  2. RC says:

    If the CMAA link is slow, you can also get the file via this link.

  3. jeffrey says:

    The one available at SanctaMissa, as with all their PDFs, are directly from CMAA, and the Missal in particular is not 1962.

    Father Skeris was so dear to donate his own copy for scanning here. And it is a beautiful job. Next step: bookmarking!

  4. WCY says:

    Nice that a 1962 is up. The scans are sharp.

    However, did they run out of digital red ink?

  5. Legisperitus says:

    Do the black, say the black.

  6. Mike in NC says:

    pjo: thank you for the link.

  7. jeffrey says:

    All experience suggests that a pure black and white scan of a document this size is vastly better for clarity and resolution than a color image. This one is 600dpi. I can’t imagine how large it would have to be to preserve all color — it might be beautiful to look at but not good for manipulating or printing. But I guess this is a judgment call.

  8. jeffrey: The PDF I saw was indeed a 1962 edito typica.

    This PDF is taken from the monochrome study edition of the 1962MR which some of us have been talking about and have had rebound.

  9. jeffrey says:

    Oh, I’m sorry, Father, we must be talking about two different things.

    The old one, which I gather is 1952, created by Holger Peter Sandhofe, and a masterpiece in many ways: http://www.musicasacra.com/pdf/romanmissal_classical.pdf

    The NEW one we just posted from Fr. Skeris’s library is 1962: http://www.musicasacra.com/pdf/missale62.pdf

    I had also seen a rough, crooked, scan of the Benz Bros. 1962 somewhere. It had landed in my inbox, but by today’s high standards of PDFing, it wasn’t really postable. So this one from Fr. Skeris is just amazing. Now, the work ahead is to book mark it.

  10. WCY says:

    I also have the study edition. That would explain the black on black.

    I can’t imagine, for the sake of scanning, anyone willing enough to take a circular saw to the binding of an actual Missal.

    I haven’t read the PDF specs, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it allowed for 2 colors (black and red) instead of 65k or 16m. That wouldn’t inflate the PDF size by much. The smallest size possible to index colors would be a byte, which allows for 256 colors.

  11. catholiclady says:

    There is also a lovely Missal PDF file for children on line.


    and though it is designed for children, it would also be a helpful read for anyone who had never attended a Traditional Latin Mass.

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