Radio interview: H.E. Bp. Sheridan of Colorado Springs about Summorum Pontificum

I am listening to the radio interview with His Excellency Bishop Sheridan of Colorado Springs about Summorum Pontificum. 

It is very interesting and balanced!

He makes some great observations about Mass ad orientem, young people who want the older Mass, and priests who are inclined to follow the rubrics.

You can listen here.


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  1. Christopher says:


    Your link only is taking us to an article you wrote on him and his writings on Aug. 11 of this past year. Could you please re-direct?

    Thank you.
    God bless you.
    Holy Mary protect you.

  2. Ian says:

    I just wish that his actual statement hadn’t been so party-line.

    Apart from the FSSP parish in town (which doesn’t really have much in the way of music), there isn’t one parish in the entire diocese where you can find a regular, reverently done Mass with sacred music.

  3. LeonG says:

    Indeed, Ian, reverence is the key word – working as a liturgist with the novus ordo service for many years, the only manner I found for achieving this ancient Roman Catholic liturgical norm was to allow for periods of silence with no music and no audible prayers or commentaries; the use of Latin in the music with minimal accompaniment sometimes using Gregorian modes and to keep the musicians out of public view – that is – off the “worship space”, if you will pardon the modernist useage. Dimming neon-lighting and emphasising candle-luminescence was also effective. Fortunately, I have had no more to do with this infinitesimal problem for many years now and hope by late next year to be back on the sanctuary of The Altar serving The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass in “Quo Primum” mode. Anything short of this presents us with major obstacles to reverence and worship at The Mass.

    It has plenty to do with liturgical anthropocentrism and anthropological inversion.

    My theory is once really well-oriented bishops & priests seize the initiative they will understand or find out with the proper assistance how to employ the necessary means for implementing the true spirit of Pope Benedict XVI’s SP, notwithstanding its many foes. This will help to correct the two unorhtodox tendencies cited above. Over and above this there is the wealth of precendent set by pre-conciliar figures such a Padre Pio, The Cure’D’Ars, and so on and so on.

  4. Michael C. says:

    His Excellency, Bishop Sheridan is from St. Louis, and spent a couple years in my own parish. I used to serve Mass for him when I was a kid. Only good can come from him.

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