TLM now daily at the Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome

This from Orbis Catholicus:

Summorum Pontificum: the Rome update…

Everybody has been asking for the liturgical update from Rome and so here’s the scoop: all is upbound!

The F.S.S.P. continue with their Rome chapel of San Gregorio dei Muratori. This chapel is the only location in all of Rome where one can attend a Solemn High Mass sung in the Tridentine rite every Sunday (

Meanwhile, there is now a daily Tridentine rite Mass celebrated each morning at eight o’clock at the Patriarchal Basilica of Saint Mary Major. The Mass is celebrated by a canon of the Basilica.

At the same time, in recent months, flashy new Tridentine rite missals have been printed in Italy for the use of the lay faithful. These are available in soft as well as hardcover in some of the shops along the Via della Conciliazione.

In addition, it can now be seen that some altars in Rome are again being dressed with altar cards, an indication that more private Masses are being celebrated in the Old Rite in public view.

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  1. Michael says:

    I wonder which altars now have altar cards on them. And did anyone else notice the coat of arms in that photo? It’s not surmounted by a tiara OR a mitre. Looks like something in between.

  2. Thank you, Father Z, for this very interesting news from Rome.

    So, there is now a daily Mass, in the older form, at the Liberian basilica ?
    I wonder if it is celebrated in the Capella Paolina (as was the Mass on September 14).

    I understand the apostolate of the FSSP in Rome now extends beyond the small church of San Gregorio dei Muratori, if a bigger church is needed to accomodate the number of people attending.

    I wonder if I could walk into Editrice Ancora in the Via della Conciliazione and buy a 1962 Missal there ?
    After all, it is the nearest bookshop to the Vatican ..

  3. Le Renard says:

    TLM now daily at the Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome

    When, O Lord, when will this be the case for at least some satellite parishes who actually do celebrate the Extraordinary Form?

    Also, when will we have the opportunity to attend such a Mass at a time that’s more convenient than, let’s say, some God-forbidden hour in the early, early morn?

  4. Matthew Mattingly says:

    There are probably so many unused Churches, monasteries, convents in Rome, why doesn’t the FSSP or ICRSP or other traditional Orders of monks, friars or nuns buy these properties to make the Tridentine Latin Mass more available. Now that there is no restriction on the celebration of the Tridentine Latin Mass, I can’t see any reason why there can’t be an explosion of sites where it is celebrated for everyone.
    Unless the same underhanded attenpts to squash the Tridentine Latin Mass are alive and well in Rome too. Hopefully not.

  5. Brian Day says:

    TLM now daily at the Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome

    I am glad you used my favorite designation for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. :-)

  6. One major basilica down, three to go! [said as untriumphalistically as possible] :)

    I tried to go to the first TLM at Santa Maria Maggiore when I was in Rome, but I was given the wrong date.

    I know back in 2002, TLM’s (even private) were forbidden in Saint Peter’s by (I think) the rector there. Is this still the case? (I couldn’t imagine it would be now).

  7. Anglo-Papist says:

    Whilst in Rome last week I noticed in S John Lateran two masses being celebrated simultaneously in seperate chapels. Not only that but both were ad orientem and both priests were wearing Roman vestments. One, I think, was a pilgrimage mass but the other was certainly the advertised public mass. Both Novus Ordo but it’s a start. I wonder if the Cathedral is now following a preference of the Holy Father?

    Lots of (young) nuns and sisters back in traditional habits as well as lots of Dominicans properly dressed. Wonderful Rosary and Exposition at the Bridgettine Church in Piazza Farnese.

    And yet and yet…

    Still so many awful card table altars perched 18 inches in front of a traditional altar with a bowl of artificial flowers at one end and two little oil lamps at the other. Shocking, really shockingly awful music played at a pilgrimage mass in S Pauls Outside the Walls with two bishops present totally silent but concelebrating in order to get their mass out of the way. A dreadful guitar-led mass with a 50 year old man trying to lead 15-20 souls in singing the Gospel Alleluia to the tune of ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God’ and getting irritated that nobody except him and his wife wanted to join in. The completely off-hand celebration of mass for S Ignatius of Antioch at S Lorenzo in Lucina by an elderly priest who obviously wanted to get back to his TV.

    So much still to do.

  8. MikeL says:

    Well, we can’t fault the Bishop of Rome for lack of enthusiasm for Summorum Pontificum, I suppose.

    Personally, I’m ashamed I haven’t taken advantage of the daily TLM available to me at Assumption in Detroit (since 9/14). I’m just not a “morning person” (what a lousy excuse that is – for all kinds of things).

    Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa…

  9. milanta says:

    In the picture, the Coat of Arms of our Holy Father: have a Tiara or a Mitra? What do you think?

  10. Syriacus says:

    Definitely Tiara: an ‘archaeologist’ one though, with just one crown…

  11. Victor says:

    As I see it, there is NO crown – what can be misinterpretated as a crown is rather the lower rim of the tiara (or whatever it is called). It remembers me of the headgear the Armenian priests wear…
    Wouldn’t it be awesome if, when the Holy Father celebrates his first public mass in the extraordinary form, he sported a tiara like this? Maybe this is the reason we have to wait so long – it is not yet finished?

    PS: Why is my anti-spam word “Thank you Holy Fathe”???

  12. Father Bartoloma says:

    Can’t wait to get back to Rome!

  13. Maria says:


  14. Eamonn says:

    Regarding what Roman Sacristan said about “TLM’s (even private) were forbidden in Saint Peter’s by (I think) the rector there”. It was worse than that; one Irish priest had his Missal confiscated by a priest-sacristan in St Peter’s while in the middle of the Offertory! He had to chase after the Sacristan to get it back. Mind you the poor Sacristan had never had an Ulsterman’s tongue-lashing, so I suspect that was the last time he did something that silly.

  15. Eamonn: had his Missal confiscated by a priest-sacristan in St Peter’s while in the middle of the Offertory

    That has the sound of truth to it. I said Mass in the Basilica everyday for years. I even had my own locking niche there, where I could keep my own chalice and alb, etc. The sacristans (different men in those days, and Card. Noe was Archpriest) came to hate me and even follow me to my altar to see what Mass I would say. They would upbraid me sometimes in the sacristy. I always referred them to the Pontifical Commission for which I was working to register their concern. They tries to intimidate, but didn’t actually physically take steps to impede me. Mind you, I was also using the Novus Ordo in Latin, or in Italian, or in English, to help people on pilgrimage. But when I was at an altar in the crypt, I would use the older Mass – not all the time- but not infrequently.

  16. idem ejusdem eidem says:


    I have written to the sacristan of Santa Maria Maggiore, because I sought to find out whether there would be a TLM also on All Saints’ Day. Unfortunately, the sacristan’s answer was:
    “Buon Giorno,
    Abbiamo celebrato Messa Tridentine soltanto quel giorno(14 sett. 2007 ore 8).
    il sagrestano”

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