Pope Benedict’s 2nd encyclical is ready: Spe salvi? – UPDATED

According Il Sole 24 Ore the Holy Father’s second encyclical is ready.

The new document is said to be called Spe salvi, "Saved through hope" (cf. Romans 8:24).  Apparently there is another encyclical, a social encyclical in the works, but the document’s title is still being discussed.

The encyclical on hope, however, could be released before Christmas, in fact around the first Sunday of Advent.

Remember that the first encyclical was about charity.  Do you sense a pattern?

The Pope worked on the encyclical during the summer.  The translations are being prepared.

Pronta la seconda enciclica Si chiamerà «Spe salvi»

La meditazione sulla speranza precede quella sociale che è ancora in elaborazione

È pronta la seconda enciclica di Benedetto XVI. Si intitola "Spe Salvi" ("Salvi grazie alla speranza") e sarà pubblicata entro Natale. Un’enciclica sul tema della speranza, dunque, che precede quella sociale che, secondo quanto anticipa l’agenzia Apcom, «è ancora in alto mare». Su quest’ultima infatti «si sta ancora dibattendo sul titolo».
La "Spe Salvi" è una meditazione sul tema della speranza cristiana che prende spunto dalla Lettera di San Paolo ai Romani, capitolo 8 versetto 24: «Poiché nella speranza noi siamo stati salvati».
Il Papa ha lavorato all’Enciclica durante il soggiorno estivo a Lorenzago di Cadore. Ora il testo è pronto, anche se sulla data di pubblicazione ancora non si hanno certezze, visto che il testo è in fase di traduzione. Così come non è al momento possibile sapere la data della firma, che potrebbe essere la prima domenica di Avvento (periodo della speranza cristiana)o l’8 dicembre, l’Immacolata Concezione. L’Enciclica, come avviene tradizionalmente, uscirà in latino, italiano e, almeno inizialmente, in inglese, francese, spagnolo, tedesco. La prima Enciclica di Benedetto XVI, che porta la data di Natale, è uscita il 24 gennaio 2006 e si intitola «Deus caritas est».
Intanto ieri durante l’udienza generale Benedetto XVI ha voluto formulare auspici per la «rinascita» dell’Iraq rivolgendosi ai familiari dei 19 italiani rimasti uccisi nell’attentato di quattro anni fa a Nassiriya. Il Pontefice, al termine, ha salutato personalmente alcune vedove, figli e parenti delle vittime, presenti sul sagrato della basilica vaticana nel quarto anniversario del tragico attentato.

UPDATE 20:36 UTC 15 Nov  

A reader sent in a note which I can summarize.  It concerns the Latin of the encyclical:

A well-known Latinist working for the Holy See recounts that the Latin translation had been finished.  However, the Latin was very sloppy.  The work on translation of documents is commonly divided up.  The results can be uneven.  It was supposed to be cleaned up, but someone in the office "lost patience" and sent it to the printer anyway!  In any event, it should be out in Advent.

UPDATE 19:30 UTC 16 Nov 

CNA has an article saying that this second document, still in progress, "which may or may not be an encyclical, would be an updating of the themes contained in Populorum Progressio from the perspective of the social and ethical challenges posed by globalization,” the sources said.

Also: They also said Benedict XVI is working on a third text: the second and last part of his book on Jesus Christ.  In this second part, he will write about the Gospel passages on the Passion, Resurrection and the infancy of Jesus.  “This theological and personal work of the Pope, which will be the second part of ‘Jesus of Nazareth,’ is also being written, without impacting the other official documents which he is considering publishing as part of his Magisterium,” sources said.

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  1. Jacob says:

    *takes a guess and thinks number three will be about… faith?* :)

  2. The CNA coverage suggests a Dec. 8th release date, supported by reports from La Repubblica.

  3. Matt Q says:

    Looking forward to the Encyclical whenever it does get released, in addition to the Clarifications on Summorum Pontificum ( whenever that gets released also ).

  4. Jon says:

    Ah, but wouldn’t one on the 60th anniversary (Nov. 20, 1947)of Mediator Dei, and another on the 100th anniversary (Sept. 8, 1907) of Pascendi be better?

    Does anyone know if the Holy Father has a suggestion box?

  5. dave says:

    While I eagerly await this encyclical, I’ve learned to be patient with the various publications comming from this Pope. They are all well worth the wait! Hopefully we won’t have to bear delays due to translation issues.

  6. Matt Q says:

    Jon wrote,

    “Does anyone know if the Holy Father has a suggestion box?”

    Not really but there are two ways you can communicate. One, you can write to the Vatican via email at http://www.vatican.va, or two, by postal mail:

    His Holiness The Pope Benedict XVI
    The Apostolic Palace
    0120 Vatican City-State.

    Keep in mind, once something gets there, only God know what happens to it. Father Z can more than likely attest to that. :-)

    Like anything else there, they will probably hold a committee on which department it goes to then vote on who handles it.

  7. Jon says:

    Thanks, Matt. I’m aware the Holy Father has an e-mail address. My remark was tongue-in-cheek, but given the fact I brought it up and you’ve provided the address, maybe I should just roll the dice, write the suggestion and see if the guy in The Department of Obfuscation and Rebellion can get it into the pope’s hands! ;^)

  8. Dob says:

    Looking forward to the next encyclical and of course your inevitable corrections of the English translation of it.:-)

  9. Berolinensis says:

    Father, I think you confused two things: According to the article, there is still debate about the title of another encyclical, about social issues, which is said to be still “on high seas” (not finished by far), and about which there were rumors long before the one on Hope was ever mentioned.

  10. Dob says:

    Just a thought Fr Z. You could run a competition among your readers. Spot what you think are the errors in the english translation.
    Winner: The person who identifies the most actual errors.
    Rule: you must only read the Vatican english translation.

    On second thought, may be that might be a bit cynical.

  11. Jeff Pinyan says:

    Perhaps the CCDDS or Vox Clara can handle the translations? Who normally does for these types of things? I strongly suggest Vox Clara handle the English translation.

  12. Beronlinensis: You are exactly right. That’s what happens when I write while also on the phone.

  13. Jeff: Vox Clara does not prepare translations. It reviews them and offers feedback.

  14. Andrew says:

    Perhaps the CCDDS or Vox Clara can handle the translations?

    Perhaps the day will come when Catholics will not need a translation. Woudn’t that be glorious?

  15. Christine says:

    For Jon: If you write to Pope Benedict XVI, you will receive a response. I wrote to Pope John Paul II quite a few times regarding abuses, begging him to come here (he came), or just out of love. I always received a beautiful letter in response from someone, usually Monsignor L Sandri,or Monsignor Pedro Lopez Quintana, mentioning the content of my letter, thanking me, and saying the pope imparts his apostolic blessing upon me. The paper is heavy cream with the Secretariat of State logo, and the keys imprinted in the paper. Every time I received a letter, it was a big surprise to me! I treasure these letters. I know Pope Benedict would appreciate hearing of your solidarity with him. We can not embrace him enough with our love and prayers. You don’t need a reason to let him know you love him, and offer him your obedience.

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