Back in St. Paul

I am in the Twin Cities for Christmas.  It is tough to leave The Sabine Farm for anything, but it is nice to come home.

I will be at St. Agnes for the 10 am on Sunday, which is the Novus Ordo High Mass, though I am not preaching.

Christmas Day will find me at the 12 noon, I think.

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  1. Fr Renzo di Lorenzo says:

    Fr Z,

    I always remember Saint Agnes as a haven for Liturgy and Music, and both at the same time, intermingling. Wonderful. Though I’m sure they still miss their never to be forgotten Pastor. If memory serves me correctly, he was instrumentally in bringing many young men to the priesthood. How many were there? It’s always good to brag about such things, since people will ask how that could have come about…

    Say hello for me to any once-upon-a-time Saint Agnesites, such as the Rector of the Cathedral, as well as any Lake Elmo O.Carms that you might happen to see during the Holy Days. I think those hermits keep the Archdiocese before the throne of God by way of their intercession.

    I owe a special debt of gratitude to the Rector, who was a good Samaritain to me when I lay half dead next to Ponte Principe Amadeo di Savoia some ten years ago. I’ve often told the story of how he came to my rescue with the help of a saint, whose image he held before me.

    May the Infant God-Man bless ye all.

  2. Kathryn says:

    Dear Father Z,

    My husband, children and I are regulars at the 12:00 noon Mass. We look forward to hearing you celebrate the noon Mass. Any chance you will be hearing confessions on Monday? Welcome back to the frozen tundra!

    Pax et Bonum,


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