A new WDTPRS “Say the Black – Do the Red” store

Well… I finally went ahead and did it.  (And I updated the image.)

Buy WDTPRS stuff!People have been telling me to open one of these stores for coffee mugs and hats, and so forth.

I think I figured out how to do this.  The graphic size and resolution puzzled me for a while.

So far I have only some buttons and coffee mugs and a hat with a phrase on it (guess which).

Some of these things might be just the ticket for bsihops, priests and parish liturgists who need a hint, … or who are already on the Right track.

The buttons made me pause a little.  Why offer buttons in packs of 100 with such a phrase?  Then it occurred to me that some priests might need a hint.  I suddenly had the image of hundreds of people showing up wearing these buttons for a parish picnic (not Mass) where "Father Just-call-me-Bob" makes it up as he goes.  NB: I did say not say "show up at Mass".  We shouldn’t use Mass for such statements. … But after Mass…. hmmm…..

I also had a framed tile available: it might be useful in a sacristy.

Anyway, I am playing around with this and slowly but surely will add a few more items.

Much of the good liturgical reform taking place in the Church is coming from lay people who don’t want to take the weirdness anymore. 

We just want our priests and bishops to….

Buy WDTPRS stuff!

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  1. P says:

    Why not have “do the red” in red, not just “red”?

  2. RichR says:

    Great. I was also hoping for something with Fr. Z’s photo on it (like on the website), and maybe “What Does The Prayer Really Say?”. It can be a conversation starter.

    I have a mug from Cafepress that has a picture of a priest and below it, it says “It’s Better in Latin”.

  3. AlephGamma says:

    There’s all kind of funny phrases out there that start out with “SI HOC LEGERE POTES…” from bumper stickers to T-shirts. Either way I think Fr. Z’s idea is great and I ordered a button. Now I’m going to wait and see if the Bishop notices it at the Fasching/Shrove Tuesday dinner.

  4. Wilf says:

    Reminds me of another Catholic Cafepress store I saw that advocated the return of the traditional latin mass. It included spaghetti tank tops among the items sold…

    “Nothing says restore the traditional mass like some gal wearing a spaghetti tank top!”

  5. Jonathan Bennett says:

    Fr. Z, you need to write a book.

  6. Simonne says:

    I,m new here
    What does Say the black and do the Red mean?
    We don,t hear anything about Latin Masses etc here in New-Brunswick, Canada. I wish we did . I,m traditional and having a hard time with our liberal parish
    GOD Bless, Simonne

  7. magdalen says:


    I would like to post a sign like that in the vesting sacristys in our
    parishes and chapel. A totally licit Sunday Mass? Not to be had and
    even the weekday Masses generally have some innovation. Our presiders
    just can’t seem to say the black and do the red.

  8. Melody says:

    Yay. But I would very much like something that reads “Save the Liturgy, Save the World.”

  9. RichR says:

    Melody, good idea. I always liked that phrase, too.

  10. mike says:

    Father Z

    Bill Buckley said he’d publish in Playboy if that’s what got the message across. I say GO with the spaghetti strap tanks.


  11. Animadversor says:


    I don’t want to see Father Z. in a spaghetti-strap tank. Or do I…?

  12. Tim from St. Agnes says:

    how about wine glasses engraved with “Ssy the black, drink the red”?

  13. Geri says:

    Simonne, in the Missal, the words that the priest is
    to say are printed in black ink, and the instructions
    for what he is to do (gestures, posture., etc.) are
    printed in red ink.
    Melody, I believe Gerald at Closed Cafeteria is still
    selling items with the “S the L, S the W” slogan (as the
    originator of the phrase I take great interest in its
    spread ;-))

    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World!)

  14. Timothy James says:

    I’d love a “WDTPRS” Tee!

  15. TJB says:

    Simonne, Im in NB Canada too. Id love to contact you if you’d leave an email address.

  16. A. Noël says:

    I’d love a coffee mug option … what a great conversation starter! I can just hear certain of my co-workers now … “What does that mean?”

    Or maybe even, “Hey, do you read Fr. Z’s blog, too?” :)

  17. A. Noël says:

    I’d love a coffee mug option … what a great conversation starter! I can just hear certain of my co-workers now … “What does that mean?”

    Or maybe even, “Hey, do you read Fr. Z’s blog, too?” :)

  18. A. Noël says:

    Drat – sorry for the double post …

  19. Mark says:

    What about something featuring the ‘Save the Liturgy, Save the Church’ slogan with that beautiful rosette window?

  20. Paul says:

    Melody: I think that Gerald over at the Closed Cafeteria already sells mugs etc. with “Save the Liturgy, Save the World”. I bought one for a liturgist I know. He really likes it!

  21. Allan Potts says:

    How about some items with SUMMORUM PONTIFICUM, on them. That too, would start a conversation.

  22. Tomas Lopez says:

    Are “Say the Black, Do the Red” bumper stickers in the works? How about “I Brake for the TLM”?

  23. A.Williams says:

    A great plaque I came across in a Sacristy once..very ornate calligraphy with gold leaf for emphasis, and a custom water color painting of the arms of the Priest elevating the Holy Eucharist at the Consecration:

    Priest of God
    Offer this Mass
    As if it were your First Mass
    As if it were your Last Mass
    As if it were your Only Mass

  24. Richard says:

    Father, any chance of a comment on the new head of the Jesuits? The press photo did at least show him wearing a dog-collar; does this mean they are slowly moving in the right direction?

  25. pdt says:

    My favorite has to be the hat. Clearly it states “Say the Black, Do the Red” – and right underneath it says “Other colors available”. The mind boggles!

  26. pdt: My favorite has to be the hat. Clearly it states “Say the Black, Do the Red” – and right underneath it says “Other colors available”.


  27. I updated the image as per your feedback.

  28. Perhaps for a T-Shirt to complement that saying in MC sacristies around the world:

    “Every Mass offered is the first, last and only Mass.”

  29. Great job, Father!

    I have had my own CafePress site now for a few months.

    It is a great way to get out the word on the Catholic Faith!

    God bless,

    Gordo the Byzantine

  30. MD says:

    “Fr. Z, you need to write a book.”

    I agree. Hopefully Fr. Z one day feels inspired to write. Who knows may be he’ll see a need to either clarify something in regards to Liturgy or even share his “Close encounters” with Christ in the Mass. A priest can offer us laity a perspective we don’t have.

  31. AnthonyTX says:

    For us laity, we should remember to assist at Mass

    As if it were our First Mass
    As if it were our Last Mass
    As if it were our Only Mass

  32. Great suggestion on the book!

    You may not know this, but you can publish books through CafePress. All that you do is provide them with an electronic copy of the text, and they handle everything from the printing to the distribution. You manage the marketing and promotion, of course.


    Also, you can do music or audio CD’s as well!


    Again, it is a great apostolate idea. Not much in terms of profit margin, but easy to set up and run!

    God bless,


  33. Al says:

    Would a tatoo be out of line? LOL ;-)

  34. eft says:

    How about items with this text in Latin?

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