Herding Cats

Tracing back various links on different blogs, I found that someone enterprising at godrox provided this very funny video.


This is sometimes how I feel here when there are lots of comments for a hotter entry! 

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  1. Jeff Pinyan says:

    That (in its original form) was one of the very best Super Bowl commercials in recent memory.

  2. Fr. John says:

    Yes! I recall this from the Superbowl a few years back, I nearly soiled my self when I saw it, its still just as funny!

  3. Aelric says:

    The only other commercials that even comes close to this one are the “Trunk Monkey” series; particularly #4 (I think) – the car thief one: “Because sometimes, just getting your car back simply isn’t enough.” (Trunk monkey has clobbered the would-be car thief and dumped his body off a bridge).

    I’m sure some enterprising video expert could convert that into: “Because sometimes, just getting your sacred liturgy back simply isn’t enough” : shown dumping a horridly designed chasuble-clad body over the railing.

  4. CarolinaGeo says:

    I hadn’t seen this in a while, but it still makes me laugh! My favorite part is when the one catboy sneezes. Great!

  5. Dob says:

    LOL I love the catboy making use of the lint remover.

  6. That’s what the Bishop Morlino Post was like a while back, when the Dawkins fans went wild as is noted on that web site. Sometimes the cats are something else in cat’s clothing.

  7. Jim R of ADW says:

    I don’t know whether is just my system or not, but the RSS feed doesn’t seem to be working again.

  8. Andy says:

    RSS works for me perfectly – using Google Reader to read WDTPRS daily.

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