Hong Kong: Coadjutor

VATICAN CITY, 30 JAN 2008 (VIS) – The Holy Father:

 – Appointed Bishop John Tong Hon, auxiliary of Hong Kong, China, as coadjutor of the same diocese (area 1,102, population 6,882,600, Catholics 344,166, priests 283, permanent deacons 8, religious 811).

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  1. Father Anonymous says:

    I wish my diocese would get a coadjuter. You’d think someone put the whole diocese into a time machine and whisked it back into the 1970s.

  2. Anthony says:

    In addition to being very interesting, this is very good news. Tong is widely respected in both the open and the underground churches, and he can serve as a very useful bridge in reconciliation. His contacts in both date back three decades. Also, unlike Zen, he is not a seeker of attention, but rather someone who works very quietly, and very carefully. I wonder if this is a signal that Zen will be given permission to step down soon.

    Once again this pope shows his ability to make very shrewd appointments. But more than that, he has shown an uncanny ability to make the right moves in China. All is not perfect there – the recent fractures within the underground church are particularly troubling. But thankfully, an appointment like Tong gives hope that the fractures will be healed. Wonderful, impressive news.

  3. I am not all that familiar with the situation in China, but from what the previous poster has said it sounds like a good thing….Now if only in LA we’d have someone appointed as coadjutor: Fr. Z coadjutor of the Archdiocese of LA, that’d be the next great step :)

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