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  1. Matt Q says:

    Beautiful shot of the dome of the Pantheon, Father. Did you have a sore neck afterwards? ;-)

  2. Jeff Pinyan says:

    I dunno… I look at that, and the first thing that comes to mind is:

    Quid tu facis, Dave?

  3. Neal says:

    Jeff Pinyan:

    It took me a minute to get the reference. Orthodox Catholicism meets science fiction. I don’t like acronyms or shortcuts but I have to say you did have me laughing.


  4. David M. Wallace says:

    That spot is the best place to be when it snows in Rome.

  5. Tim Ferguson says:

    sheesh, after more than 20 centuries, you’d think they’d find a way to patch that hole. dang contractors. ;)

  6. A.Williams says:

    Woooow!….Sooo… that’s… what a black hole looks like..!!

  7. A.Williams says:

    Roman Optometrist to Fr. Zuhlsdorf:

    “Father… when you mentioned that you were extremely impressed with the Catholic Churches of Rome, I never really expected you to be AS IMPRESSED as you actually are!

    “You have the most extraordinary Retina’s I’ve ever seen!

    “However, as a precaution…I have to warn you: You absolutely MUST WEAR SUN GLASSES if you’re thinking about visiting the Sistine Chapel!!”

  8. David Andrew says:

    I’m reminded of the first thought I had when walking into the Pantheon while on a choir tour in Italy.

    When I entered I thought to myself, if a priest of the type I had been dealing with had been assigned that parish, he would have walked in, taken one look, and said, “Better have a capital campaign to get that roof fixed.”

  9. LCB says:

    “Ille hic est Raffael, timuit quo sospite vinci, rerum magna parens et moriente mori.”

  10. Nice picture, Father. The dome looks so much better now that it is cleaned.

    [LOL’s @ Jeff Pinyan.]

    The model of the Pantheon is a great way to keep priests from wanting an altar right in the middle of the church. LOL.

  11. Rudy B says:

    Amen to the Roman Sacristan!

  12. Publius says:

    Fom Wikipedia: “The exact composition of the Roman concrete used in the dome remains a mystery. An unreinforced dome in these proportions made of modern concrete would hardly stand the load of its own weight, since concrete has very low tensile strength, yet the Pantheon has stood for centuries. It is known from Roman sources that their concrete is made up of a pasty hydrate of lime, with pozzolanic ash (Latin pulvis puteolanum) and lightweight pumice from a nearby volcano, and fist-sized pieces of rock. In this, it is very similar to modern concrete. The high tensile strength appears to come from the way the concrete was applied in very small amounts and then was tamped down after every application to remove excess water and trapped air bubbles. This appears to have increased its strength enormously.”

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