Election coverage bliss… a glimpse at Fr. Z’s set up

Tonight I am in election coverage bliss. 

I was watching the Fox News Channel coverage (whom I worked for during "Papal April") on the computer via my SlingBox (from the other room) and the live internet Fox News feed from their Strategy Room, which Carl Rove called the "Strategery Room".

Does it get better than this?

You could toggle back and forth between Brit Hume and Carl Rove.

Political commentary genius.

And lest you think I had my computer all tied up, I did have an alternative.

Earlier, I enjoyed Brit Hume’s comment that the graphic behind them looked like something from Battlestar Galactica!  And it did!  Obviously he is a fan.

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Geoffrey says:

    Father, I love your “command centre”! I’m jealous!

    I’m watching MSNBC myself.

    What are all those books? Again, jealous! ;-)

  2. Hankster says:

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing…………….

  3. Scott says:


    I’m shocked and bewildered, a WORDPRESS for Dummies on your desk!

  4. Scott: It was on my Amazon wishlist! Really! I need this book.

    I run my own blog, from soup to nuts, on a server. I am not on wordpress.com. I wanted the experience. I have the headaches to come with it, too, but I am learning a lot.

  5. malta says:

    Fr. Z,

    You’re a regular computer geek :) (personally, computers are my bane, even though I can’t deny the efficacy of their ability to transmit information and ideas)

  6. AMDG says:

    Fr. Z, allow me to recommend sunblock, SPF 15 minimum and possibly as high as SPF 45 should your
    exposure to election coverage exceed 90 minutes continuous with that config… You must be sportin’ a great
    tan for this time of year with all those monitors… ;)

    The ultimate multi-screen IMO, http://www.digitaltigers.com/

  7. AMDG: Oooo… I want.

    My preciousssssss…..

  8. Melody says:

    You are starting to scare me Father Z… Maybe there needs to be a prayer for tech addicts? ^_^

  9. Bill says:

    Fr. Z: You strike me as quite the Renaissance man. Among other things, you run your own blog, seem to have quite a knack for cooking, and your translations speak for themselves.

  10. Norman says:

    Once, I saw a picture of a trader’s workstation (ie. the financial markets kind). What Fr Z has looked exactly the same!

  11. Norman: Having the multiple screens, across which I can stretch my desktop, is a real advantage. Having the other computer (and other old computers) networked together is also very helpful. I actually have an ancient laptop on the LAN that runs Windows 95. Another old laptop runs the Z-Cam in the Sabine Chapel. I save some of the old stuff and find other uses for it.

  12. Madirish says:

    Dear Father,
    Your elaborate computer system does not surprise me as much as your choice of the Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda for the American Empire as a legitimate source for “news.” Not that the other media are less biased, I just have a hard time swallowing that outlet’s overt celebration of death and war. Political commentary genius from Rove and Hume–that’s satire, right? I hope so.

  13. Greg Hessel in Arlington Diocese says:

    All you need now is a Bloomberg.

  14. WordPress [not”.com”] for dummies

    Isn’t that a contradiction in terms? I try to deal with the normal wordpress.com, and I have trouble with that. What does that make me?!

    I’m thinking that those who don’t know the techy side of things can’t quite appreciate the effort that goes into things like this. Thanks.

  15. BD says:

    Speaking of election coverage, I heard some commentators reporting that Clintons’s one stable advantage over Obama was that she receives over 40% of the “Catholic” vote (with about 1/2 Catholics voting Republican). Given her position on abortion, how can this be?

    Is there any documented connection between the form of liturgy people are drawn to and the way people vote? I would be surprised, for example, if many people who regularly attend TLM would favor either Obama or Clinton.

  16. Madirish says:

    I only see Ron Paul bumperstickers on cars at my TLM. The truth shall set you free.

  17. Veritas says:

    Wow Father, you’re like a mini-Wolf Blizter in the CNN “Election Center.”

  18. Derik Castillo says:

    Dear Fr. Z.

    I like your scriptorium and watchtower full of palantirs.
    I know you have an Amazon wish list, but after this post,
    I wonder if you have a secret ThinkGeek wish list :-)

  19. Veritas: Wow Father, you’re like a mini-Wolf Blizter in the CNN “Election Center.”

    ARGGGH! I don’t think so.

  20. Derik: ThinkGeek wish list


  21. Jack says:

    Tisk Tisk. I would have thought that a man of your understanding, Father, would have turned to the truthy news source. Where is the Colbert Report?

  22. Christopher Mandzok says:

    “Election coverage bliss…”

    With Fox News, you must be in hell

  23. Christopher: With Fox News, you must be in hell

    Not at all! As a matter of fact, the coverage was brilliant. There was great humor and insightful analysis. You can’t get better political insight. Great fun!

  24. Christopher Mandzok says:

    “You can’t get better political insight…”

    I wish to be able to continue posting on this, one of my top three sites, so I reserve comment

  25. Christopher says:

    Hey Father

    Chris in KC here-

    Have you ever heard of a program called Synergy it allows you to use one Keyboard and Mouse to control all your systems

    Check it out http://synergy2.sourceforge.net/

  26. Christopher Mandzok: You might not like Carl Rove, but he is a brilliant commentator on political issues. He insights are fascinating. Similarly, so are comments by former President Clinton. You don’t have to be in harmony with a person’s view to find them interesting or to recognize how able he is. Someone who can’t make that jump across the gap is simply narrow.

  27. Christopher of KC: I have heard of it, but haven’t used it.

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