Valid Baptism.. for Dummies

You have all read the entry about the CDF on the form for valid baptism.

Now you can get your local priest, Fr. "Just-Call-Me-Bob", the simple guide.

Hmmmm… notice anything familiar about that …. where have I seen….

Biretta tip to the future Archbishop of Westminster as well as to Fr. Boyle.

As a matter of fact…. why not thrill your pastor with wonderful pair of books!

Get Baptism for Dummies together with…



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  1. Maria S. says:

    Hee! That’s great. I needed a smile and a chuckle tonight.

  2. Bosco Peters says:

    Well we are really blogging in unison today :-)


  3. Geoffrey says:

    I am thinking this should be a very short book. I mean, how can you botch the rather simple baptismal formula, straight from Sacred Scripture? Oh! Yeah… right… Australia…

  4. Bernadette says:

    When I attended pre-baptism classes for my child back in the 1980’s, we were told that baptism was no longer about the washing away of original sin, but was simply a ritual to become part of the church community. If I am not mistaken, this was taught in a number of progressive Catholic dioceses. So why would a proper formula for baptism even matter to these people?

  5. Maynardus says:

    “Oh! Yeah… right… Australia…”

    And Boston. The infamous Paulist Center (John Kerry’s chosen “parish”) was caught doing this sort of thing in the early 90’s and ordered to desist. No longer able to baptise invalidly they have nonetheless retained their flair for theological dissent and liturgical abuses…

  6. berenike says:

    You must ask the Future Archbishop, next time you see him, about the dangers of the excess secretion of electrons by the brain, or whether the soul is mortal and cannot exist without grace :-)

  7. Christopher Mandzok says:

    Maybe I should by the book as my wife is pregnant and I have unanswered questions regarding baptismal rite.

    Maybe someone can help with the dilemma:
    I am not registered at any parish. In the time of an emergency, any person can baptize. Does not having a home parish constitute an emergency? If all the parishes in and around my home only offer the Novus Order Mass and Sacramental language and they refuse to offer my child baptism in the Tridentine, extraordinary baptismal rite, what is my recourse? Does this constitute an emergency? What if I want my child baptism in the Byzantine Rite, but I am a Roman. If usually the child is baptized into the parents’ rite but I have no Roman priest that will offer the Tridentine baptismal, does this constitute an emergency to baptize my child in the Byzantine Rite?

  8. Christopher Mandzok: You are actually the subject of the pastor of the territorial parish where you live. You really should be registered there or, at least, somewhere. You do have the obligation also to support the Church materially, and usually that us done by supporting a parish. Having a point of reference is important for a family.

    Surely you can work something out about getting your child baptized, even if a visiting priest needs to come to do it with the pastors permission.

    I’m sure this is a distressing situation for you.

  9. Christopher Mandzok says:

    Dear Father:

    My family and I do attend the same parish, which offers the Tridentine Mass, every Sunday. I drive 20-25 minutes to a different diocese from my home, so I can attend the Tridentine Mass. As such, I am well-outside the parish boundary. Also, well neither trying to defend myself nor accuse you of false accusations, I do support the parish with weekly contributions and donating to the Diocese Development Fund.

    My problem arises from my true, home parish. The new priest has made it known that (and as I have stated on your blog) he doesn’t want me, my family or our Acts of Charity associated with his parish. He has made this clear to me on more than one occasion. I have a priest (the previous priest at this parish) that wants to perform the Baptism in the Tridentine Rite. I cannot imagine the new priest letting me have such a request!

    The parish where I now attend has a wonder priest, an absolute blessing for me. I am sure that he would more than willing do the baptismal – even if I am outside his diocese.

    I am deeply saddened. Once I have the baptism at my “new” parish, my old parish “life” will be over. It will simply be over. My relationship with the parish where I got married, attended Adoration and performed Acts of Charity as a Knight of Columbus will have ended. It hurts, and it hurts more knowing that the parish priest knows of my dilemma and he ushered me out the door. I know that my new parish life will take off and be fantastic, but I am troubled that I can write two beautiful (my opinion) letters to my “old” parish priest talking of how my Catholic life is hurt and he cannot even give me a call to help.

    Looking at the totality of the situation (through this writing) in regards to the baptism, I seem to be more hung-up on the failure of my old parish priest to administer to his flock. I explained to him that I felt like the prodigal son – not necessarily wasting my talents but wanting to return home – and he told me the pen was filled. It hurts. It brings tears to my eyes.

    You have helped me to think about this a lot, Father. I thank you. Obviously, it is time for me to move on and to fully embrace my new parish. There may be no better way to bond than with the birth and baptism of my child.

    Again, thank you, Father.

  10. Bosco Peters says:

    Here’s a suggestion about baptism in the name of a gender-neutral Trinity:

    with a biretta tip

  11. Bosco Peters says:

    The saga continues as the chancellor in the Brisbane RC archdiocese confuses the many many there whom the Vatican has now declared are not baptised

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